Hello, My name is Jesse, I currently am a artist per hobby, Soon to be schooled. I normally submit artwork i do for others, or myself. I currently turn my world around those of animals and people i care most about.
Please do not ask for requests, I don't do those unless you catch me on a really really good day.

you will mostly find me on my youtube channel uploading several speedpaints, or in my stream on:

Please ask me anything you'd like, i mostly respond to questions as soon as i can, and will try to answer them as good as i can xD
im not good with talking about myself, so i hope it wasn't a pain reading through this crap i just wrote.

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on 2 September 2015 at 12:25:22 MDT

ALRIGHT! so, my internet and phone was shut off, i am atm struggling to get forward and doing my best not to be kicked out of my apartment. Kinda in need of money so i am opening FERAL commissions!
Thats right! If you wanted a commission from me, they are open now!

I will only accept PayPal Payments, if there are any complaints, i am sorry, im in a really hacked up situation right at this moment, and i really can't take points/Deltas.
Please consider the situation i am in. Do not request "draw to buy" because i will not accept these.
Please remember that these commissions will take a little bit, Since my internet is not there, and i will have to upload these images in school!

Thank you for your time and concerns and stay happy

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    Heavy breathing from a nearby window

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      hiccups and scoots around on floor

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        I jus imagined Billy from billy and mandy cartoon when he is farting a bunch and he ends up scooting around all on the floor. hahahaha