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Beautiful monster - Commission by 1ndigoCat (critique requested)

Beautiful monster - Commission (critique requested)


19 August 2021 at 13:54:07 MDT

Commission for Drphocidus Furaffinity

Wow the stories of Drphocidus and his characters, they are beautiful and very fascinating, I love drawing his characters, and I feel bad for having taken so long to make this drawing for him, because his character Dorthy Miller is a great wolf and I hardly saw her already I had imagined this fantastic drawing for him, I am working relaxed, I go slowly so I apologize if it takes too long, I plan to finish all commissions before reopening commissions or doing YCH.

Dorthy Miller is a simple and sweet librarian, but she lives a double life, at night she transforms into a vampire-wolf with impressive varied powers, such as alchemy, she has a great knowledge obtained from the books she always reads in the library, Additionally, she is a great fencer, and as if that is not enough strength, she is also a night avenger who only consumes the blood of criminals and entities that do not deserve to exist in this world.

I hope you enjoy my new piece of art ā™„

If you want to see the lineart and the sketch of this drawing click here:

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