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The first Yasi again by 1ndigoCat (critique requested)

The first Yasi again (critique requested)


Personal art ♡

Yesterday, February 19, I turned 31 years old, and for a long time I wanted to redraw my first digital drawing, this drawing of Yasi the cat, my first OC in the Sonic world, was born only with the purpose of having a character that could "fall in love" with Shadow the hedgehog, I thought in making Yasi totally opposite to me, that's why she is a daring girl with big breasts

At 13 I was just a shy girl, I had a complex for not having many breasts, and I would never have dared to seduce a handsome boy, much less in an obvious and brazen way, as Yasi could do.

My inspiration to create Yasi was obviously Rouge the bat, I have always liked this girl a lot, and in some way it influenced my personality and way of being current

18 years ago I began to draw, and 17 years ago I began to draw in Adobe Photoshop, I lived in a time where everything was more difficult, today people have much easier things, learning to draw and improve is more a matter of decision and perseverance, instead of search and method

I am pleased with my ability currently, but I think I can still improve, however people nowadays do not always have time to value and appreciate something well done with many details, so keeping a simple and beautiful style is a smart choice.

What do you think?

You can congratulate me too, it was a good day, I'm happy