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Weasyl Buttons at MFF!

Posted by FayV

Hey Everyone!

Midwest Furfest is coming up soon and some of our staff will be attending the convention! We look forward to meeting with our users and have a special surprise for con goers this weekend.

New Exclusive Weasyl Buttons!

Ikani (Director) and Fay V. (Admin) will be around the con passing out buttons, featuring a brand new design by our Fiz, for anyone that wants one. We only have 200 buttons, so be sure to stop by and say hello before all the buttons are gone.

Follow @Ikani and @fay_vee on twitter to find out where our staff are hanging out and where you can get your own exclusive button.

If you're still in need of a quick badge before the con try our conbadger tool:

Also be sure to check out the panels being presented by our staff.

Fay V:
Fursuit Safety 101 Friday 3pm
Intro to Fursuiting Friday 7pm
Suiting Outside the Fandom Sunday 10am
How to Be a Handler Sunday 11am

Compufur: A Furry Hackathon Sunday 1pm