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Community Guidelines and Ratings Guide Adjustments

Posted by Matt

Hi again, Weasyl users!

We're back and this time we have big news! We're here to announce the changes and alterations we've made to the Community Guidelines and Ratings Guide. We've gotten a lot of public and private feedback about our policies, so we've taken the time to address items which were in need of clarification as well as smooth out any rough patches in our rules.

All of these changes, as well as all additional changes, can be viewed in the following links: Ratings Guidelines Adjusted and Community Guidelines Adjusted. We have highlighted the documents to identify the areas where the language has been clarified, a rule has been added, or an item has bee adjusted, for easy review.

It is essential that each user fully reads and understands the changes and clarifications which have occurred and adjust their galleries accordingly. While submissions submitted before these updates will be reviewed with the date in mind, it is primarily the responsibility of the individual user to ensure their gallery is in line with site policy.

Please read our forum thread for further explanations.