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Welcome, New Users!

Posted by Matt

Hello, everyone!

First we'd like to express our gratitude for the recent spike in user activity, as we surpassed over 15,000 unique users active in a single day. In fact, yesterday there were 1,103,321 page views and 35,143 unique visitors. A big thanks to everyone who's contributed to Weasyl's ever growing global gallery!

Recently we've been reading in journals and forum threads the reasons why people have come to Weasyl. These range from everything to general curiosity to recommendations and we certainly couldn't be happier that we've piqued your interest.

For those of you who are just joining the site, though, allow us to introduce ourselves!

What we are is an art community site, dedicated to our users to provide an open community with which to share, comment on, and critique art. What we are is a friendly and approachable staff of individuals brought together by a common goal to provide the best user experience we can. What we are is a place where artistic expression is fostered and where artists can help each other improve through critique and generally coming together as a community.

In the near future, we have set for ourselves certain goals which we feel will take Weasyl in a unique direction that will help foster a one-of-a-kind experience for users that sets us apart from similar sites. But we also understand that we will only ever go as far as our community takes us. There's only so much we as a handful of staff can do to help foster a better community. The same goes with any other site of this kind. What it also takes is a helping hand by you. Through the little things you do, like the posting of your work, the reports you file for our moderators, the tags you place on yours and others' work, the suggestions you make, the issues you bring to attention, and the friendly comments you post on each others work, you will help bring this site to its full potential. You will help foster an environment for learning and growth in the arts.

That's Weasyl! It's all of us, working together toward a mutual goal of awesome artwork and a vibrant community!

Please share this with your friends, family and anyone else who is interested in joining a fresh new art community for all artists. Furries, otaku, writers, oil-painters, sculpters, musicians, film makers -- no matter the medium, it's welcome on Weasyl!

With this being said, if you haven't already please follow us on Twitter and Tumblr as well as join our forums to interact with staff and the community of Weasyl. Or if you need to, please contact us directly at Or if you're just looking for an idea of how to work some of the site's features, check our guides out here.