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Get Featured in Weasyl Announcements!

Posted by Term

Very quickly I'd like to thank everyone who saw myself and other Weasyl staff at Anthrocon this year. It was great meeting those of you who went and we really appreciate all the kind words you had to say about our site as well as your suggestions on how to improve the Weasyl experience. We look forward to seeing our users again soon. Now on to business...

Would you like to see your artwork featured in a Weasyl announcement? It's easy to do! Just draw our mascot Wesley, upload the image to your gallery and be sure to tag him with "Wesley" and/or "Weasyl." With your permission, we may choose your image to be featured in a future Weasyl post on our Tumblr and forums, as well as giving full credit to you and linking to your profile page.

Wesley loves having his picture drawn and can't wait to see what you can do!