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Anthrocon 2013 Weasyl Conbager and Buttons!

Posted by Term

Are you going to Anthrocon this year? Then show off your Weasyl gallery to friends and fans alike with the Weasyl Conbager! Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions to print out your own personal badge complete with a QR code that when scanned with a mobile device will allow that person to see your profile page instantly! Get yours today!

Also some of Weasyl's staff will be attending this year's Anthrocon. They are Aden, Fay V, Morphology, MushiMagicSuits, AdventureCat, and me, Term! We will all be wearing our badges from the Conbager, so come up to us and say hi! And be sure to ask about our exclusive Weasyl con buttons! We have a limited stock, so be sure to gets yours!

We look forward to seeing you at the con!