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How to Report Art Theft

Posted by FayV

Hello Weasyl Users!

We have another great tip for you regarding art theft and plagiarism. Here at Weasyl we take artistic rights and copyright very seriously and we feel respecting the rights of artists is the foundation for an art community. We want to make sure everyone is given credit for their hard work and creative talent.

As such, we appreciate and encourage our users to report content that may be stolen or plagiarized so that we may act quickly to rectify the situation. It is essential to the integrity of the site and the community that we work together to remove any theft on the site.

With this in mind here are some simple but crucial steps to reporting art theft on Weasyl.

  1. When reporting, please be sure to note if the content in question has been plagiarized or stolen. This can be done with a short explanation along with selecting the appropriate ticket type from the drop down menu.

  2. Please be sure to provide a link to the content that you feel has been stolen. The original can be from Weasyl or another site, but is essential to an art theft ticket. Our staff are unable to act on a report without evidence and may not have time to track down the evidence without an idea of where it came from

  3. Please provide any additional material you are able. Overlays and additional information are not required but make it much easier for staff and greatly reduce the response time to the ticket.

As always, please do not attempt to confront the person you feel is stealing or plagiarizing artwork. Please report all issues to staff and allow us to handle the issue. This will allow staff to work quickly and efficiently without the ticket becoming more complicated from outside interaction.

We appreciate all the help our users have given us to ensure our site protects the rights of the artists, and by using the above steps users will ensure the report process is smooth, quick, and effective. Please be sure to follow us on Tumblr and Twitter, or join our forums to keep up to date or give us feedback on how to further improve our site.