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Changes to Community Guidelines & Ratings

Posted by NovaCaine

Hello everyone!
In today’s newspost, we have a big update, so grab your favorite egg and buckle in for some good stuff!

As stated in our previous site update, we’ve been working on the Community Guidelines and Ratings Guidelines.
As the site progresses, its rules and policies progress as well. This progression is based both on staff experiences and user feedback.
The changes are as follows:

Community Guidelines:

  • Existing item I.C.3 has been removed due to redundancy.

  • Existing item I.C.6 (now I.C.5) now includes character submissions and journals.

  • Existing item I.C.7 (now I.C.6) allows for generated content in character galleries (limited to one image per character).

  • New item I.C.7 has been added. This allows for artists to post reminders about auctions, YCH works, and raffles under certain conditions. One reminder per auction/sale every 24 hours is permitted, and will require a “reminder” tag. Uploading and deleting the same reminder over and over again will be considered a violation.

  • Category II.C has been reduced to two items instead of the previous four. If the content is wholly yours, the submission is acceptable, and if it uses content made by a source other than yourself, at least one of two conditions must be met.

  • Item II.C.2 addresses video game screenshots. In short, video game screenshots are no longer acceptable as submissions- however, you may use a screenshot as a character reference so long as it is uploaded through the Character Gallery feature.

Ratings Guidelines

The Moderate category no longer exists.

  • All submissions that were previously rated Moderate will now be in the General category, and the General category inherits the wording from the former Moderate category. The Mature and Explicit categories remain essentially the same, with a bit of wording changed to clarify some parts.

Lastly, we’ve changed the wording of the two Ratings Guidelines policies that didn’t quite fit in their own categories- they can be found as notes at the bottom of the Ratings page.

And that wraps it up!
Please feel free to reach out to Weasyl staff if you’d like us to clarify any parts from either of the Guidelines pages, and if you’d like to have an in-depth discussion with staff and users alike, check out the forum thread for the Guidelines changes!

Thanks for tuning in and have an Egg-cellent weekend!