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Site Update: Marketplace (Commission Search)

Posted by Hendikins

Update Dec 30 05:33 UTC: Unfortunately we've hit an issue with Marketplace on production that didn't come up during testing, and we've rolled back the update until we get it fixed. No ETA for fix at this stage.

Hello again! With the holiday season in full swing, it's our pleasure to announce Weasyl's newest feature: Our Marketplace!

Marketplace is a tool for searching for artists open for commissions. You can search by any of the following:

  • Type of commission (e.g. badge)
  • Content (using tags)
  • Price range and currency

Results are sorted by how well the artist matches the content you’ve searched for (if applicable), then by most recent upload time. We also convert prices to your selected currency automatically.

If you're an artist wishing to be included in search results, you'll need to enter your commission pricing information. We've also added the ability for you to specify content you prefer to create or do not wish to create using tags. The interface for entering and editing commission information needs some love, so be sure to let us know if you've got any suggestions or feedback.

For more information see Marketplace Help, and if you've got feedback let us know in the Marketplace Feedback forum thread.

Finally, in our previous news post we forgot to mention that we've added the ability for individual users to specify tags they don't wish to have added to their submissions via Community Tagging. Tags can be added using the Community Tagging Restrictions section of your settings. If you have suggestions or questions related to Community Tagging, let us know in the Tagging System Updates thread on the forums.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more new stuff in 2017!