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Site Update! Tagging System Updates.

Posted by NovaCaine

Hi everyone! We’ve deployed a few new site features, and we’d like to inform you all about the changes.

Two of the changes involve the tag system.
First, we have implemented a global tag restrictions system. This means that there are certain tags that will not be allowed to be added to a submission by anyone other than the artist and Weasyl staff. Staff has compiled a list of terms that are considered offensive, profane, and are not helpful to classifying or categorizing the submission. Also, staff is open to suggestions on adding tags to the blacklist. Please post any suggestions on the Tagging System Updates and Discussion Forum Thread!
Do keep in mind that not every suggestion is guaranteed a spot on the restrictions list; but the current list is by no means exhaustive.

The second change to the tag system is only available to the site directors and administrators, but we want everyone to be aware that the change has indeed been made. Originally, when a user’s tagging privileges were deemed to require removal, it was a complicated process for all staff involved and because of that, it would take a long time to actually accomplish the action. Now, every site director and administrator has the ability to check a box, hit the “submit” button, and the user can no longer tag other users’ work. We hope that by making the process faster, situations involving the mass tagging of works with harassing or otherwise unwarranted tags can be avoided.

These two changes are only the first of several changes that are planned to be implemented. Keep your eyes open for more tagging system updates!

The third and final change that we’ve deployed involves the site news posts. We have officially ceased our use of Tumblr as a method of communicating with users. While Tumblr was extremely helpful in the early stages of Weasyl, we now have more efficient ways of posting, updating, and documenting the news that used to be posted concurrently on Tumblr and the site itself.
All of the past and future news posts regarding Weasyl can be found on the dedicated announcements page.

That’s all we have for now, but stayed tuned for more Weasyl news. We have a lot of cool features on the way!
One of which I am super excited about! :D