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Moderator and Developer applications are open!

Posted by Ikani

Hello, Weasyl users! We would like to announce that we are opening applications for volunteer moderator and code developer positions on our site!

The moderator position will entail both forum and mainsite moderation, but primarily mainsite issues and tickets. We are looking for dedicated individuals with at least 5 hours per week to dedicate to moderation tasks. Mods must be present and active on staff IRC several days a week and must be able to communicate effectively. Mods must be familiar with the Community Guidelines and Ratings Guidelines. Previous experience in moderation and policy work is preferred, but not required. All moderators must be 18 years old or older. No exceptions!

We have a limited number of positions available. Not every applicant is guaranteed a position on staff. You can apply for the position using the Moderator Application Form on our forums. Applications close on November 29.

In order to ensure that every successful applicant receives adequate personal attention, we will stagger new staff training. First, we will begin training only two applicants; once their training is completed, we will proceed to train additional successful applicants one at a time until our list of successful applicants is exhausted. If at this time we feel a need for more moderators, we will open applications again.

We also have applications open for volunteer code developers. Knowledge in Python 2/3, git code management, and web frameworks are all helpful. See our Developer App Thread for the full details and how to apply.

Check out the Forum Thread for comments and discussion.

Thanks for checking this out, and we’ll see you in our next update!