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Thumbnail Deployment

Posted by Tiger

We at Weasyl are proud to announce the launch of the new redesigned thumbnails! The development team has been hard at work on Weasyl’s systems to allow for a better experience on both desktop and mobile devices. The larger thumbnails will better represent submissions throughout the site.

As we mentioned in our previous news post, all submissions with square thumbnails have now been converted to new larger ones, where possible. If you still want to use your old thumbnails, don’t worry! They have not been lost. A tool to restore your old thumbnails for individual submissions is available in your Weasyl settings.

While we’ve tested the new look internally, this change represents a significant restructuring of Weasyl’s codebase, and we never assume that we’ve caught everything. If you encounter bugs or unexpected behavior, please post your issue in our feedback and questions thread.

The developers have made some other upgrades to the site as well. You can now:

  • Press and hold “Shift” while creating custom thumbnails to keep them square
  • Press “F” to favorite a submission and “C” to comment on it, in addition to the existing folder navigation using the left and right arrow keys
  • Preview earlier and later submissions in a folder from directly beneath the current submission

With the upgrade to Weasyl’s look, we’re updating our browser standards. Some features may look different in older browsers, such as IE9 and below, and Android versions 2.x and earlier. Apologies for this! If you have issues browsing, you may wish to upgrade your browser or consider another way to connect with us.

We’re glad to finally share this change with you, and look forward to the next!