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Easter Update

Posted by Ikani

Hello Egg Friends!

I have sad news: We have run out of eggs. For those who have asked, we do hope to have more at some point.

In the meantime, our development team has worked up a few more fixes for the site.

  • pdf viewing that wasn’t working well on some platforms should be improved.
  • Commission Prices (in user settings) have had some issues fixed related to setting item prices.

Submitting Vines as a multimedia item sometimes fails with an error. We have identified the cause, but have not yet found the solution to this problem. We will keep you informed. If your submission fails, please try it again.

Finally, ever made fan-art of our mascot, Wesley? Tag it with 'wesley' or 'weasyl' and we might use it in a future news post.

Happy Easter from the Weasyl team!