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Vine support and a Friends-only journal bug-fix

Posted by Ikani


A brief site and bug-fix update for Weasyl.

First, the March 23rd site update update contained a bug that caused editing a journal to clear its friends-only status. If you edited a friends-only journal or edited a journal to make it friends-only between Monday, March 23 and Saturday, March 28, you will have to edit it again. Note that this bug only occurred when editing existing journals; new journals that were set friends-only at creation were unaffected. We apologize for the oversight.

Now, better news. We've added Vine as an embeddable multimedia type. If you have Vines that fit within Weasyl’s content guidelines, you're in luck; they are now an option! Comment boxes have also been polished and help links conveniently added near them to help you with text formatting.

Lastly, user banners, like most other content on the site, now goes through Weasyl’s CDN, which should help site performance.

Have a great week!