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marderchen / male / germany

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    Made this:
    Some interactive SWF preview from my uploadet windows sounds.. (click on one of the 70 speakersymboles, the sound play and the filename is displayed...)
    > download a zip arcihv without knowing what for sounds are inside is baaad... and so complicadet.. open each file and listen...<
    so if you like one sound, download the zip archiv and pic the sound.. <---- download zip archiv here
    ((alternativ sounds zip download: (sorry no zip aloowed @webspace.. download and rename into ..)
    [this time i draw the speaker symboles with eraser :D ]
    have fun :)

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    YAY Big Homepage update 90% Done..
    (only 2 swf for table background need to bee created, and the new windows style page need some content (the contend alrealy exist, but need some opticel preview stuff)
    (Warning the new Style need much CPU (couse of 13 swf are permanently running) but swf is better then gif! only 1/10 file size, unlimited time length withous biger filesize and better quality, more colors..)
    2 new SWF on have fun
    (one is a picture slid show with music and content from one page on my homepage (with 446 pictures!)
    hope you enjoy

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    Still busy on new projects