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Hunterbro's Shouts

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    Thank you very much for the follow!!! ā˜†vā˜†

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      bah! np! i love your style, it's unique.

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    Thanks so much for the follow!

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      np, i like your art and your style.

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    I know my first submission it's not furry but i have to explain : The Hunters have the Yharnam's Blood, that type of blood have an infection that makes the persons transforms theirself in to :
    1. Beasts = Furrys
    2. Hunters = Persons with awesome habilities and inmortality. (They can become beasts if the infection/virus activates [when they go crazy and low health] or if they use a pact, a weapon and an hability)

    So... Just wait, i never draw furrys but i will try.