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choice_D / Male / Pheonix

oooh a cookie~
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes

choice_D's Shouts

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    Hey gosh! Thanks for the follow and the fave, I mega appreciate it!

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    Awesome! Thanks a lot! So, remind me to get you a new book, called What to do when you hide donuts... by the way, i hope that there aren't any stomato berry donuts. You know how i can't resist thlse! ;D

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    Hey, there. I only read through two of your stories so far and I really like how you've written them. Makes it really easy to paint a picture in my mind of the scenes as I read them. :3

    And sometimes, I dare say, I imagined myself in some of those spots. XD

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    I like videogames, acting, ice hockey, role playing, fat furs, and some other fun stuff :3. i like writing stories because i dont make a great artist (dont worry, my stories have better grammar then this). I really appreciate every watch, fav, and comment I get, so please don't hesitate to leave one!

    NOTE: almost all of the pictures on my profile are NOT done by me. However, every single story on there is mine.

    Requests: only for friends
    Trades: YES
    Comissions: YES

    Request slot: not for a while
    Trades: 1.
    Commissions: 1.
    Name: denya
    Fur color: black with white belly, grey by eartips and under my tail.
    Eye color: bluish green
    Height: 5' 10
    Weight: Normal: 370 Fatty: depends heehee

    Other things about me: I like both girls and guys :3
    Fetishes: fatfurs, super fat furs, inflation, some bondage, macro micro (to an extent), and fur art/literature.
    Hates: haters....but does that make me a hater? shrugs
    Thats pretty much it, if you want too message me ill be glad to talk to you, i love meeting new furs :D.