Hey guys!
If you're reading this, thanks! I'm glad to have someone come and check out my profile, and I hope you enjoy viewing what I put out.

Things that are a big part of my life will probably affect my content, such as my passion for music, my walk with God, and life in general. (But it's more likely that I'll just draw whatever random thought comes to my head.)

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As Good as it Gets

on 23 March 2017 at 21:40:16 MDT

When I Skyped my friend just now, finally getting myself to show him my fursuit, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The reaction I got from him was about as good as it gets, however.
In short, after explaining to him that my Minecraft skin is based off of a character I have, and that I had completed a costume of that character I had been working on since October, I switched to video mode in Skype and revealed my fursuit to him. He thought it was pretty cool! Conversation lead back to Halloween, and my friend expressed an interest in making a costume like Voltaire; however, he said he doesn't have a character to base it on. I told him I'd be willing to help him make a costume, but he has to decide upon a character first.

"Your homework for Friday: make a character."

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Full Fursuit

Full Suit (Two Colors, Basic Markings)
$ 400.00
add  Colors, Complex Markings
$ 20.00

Fursuit Items

Foot Paws
$ 50.00
Hand Paws
$ 35.00
$ 200.00
Tail (Two colors)
$ 40.00
add  Claws (Applies to Foot and Hand Paws)
$ 8.00
add  Colors (Applies to Tails)
$ 8.00

Fursuit Partials

Head, Hand Paws, and Tail
$ 260.00
add  Arm Sleeves/Legs (Two Colors)
$ 30.00
add  Feet Paws
$ 50.00
add  Torso (Two Colors)
$ 40.00


Short Story
$ 35.00

Minecraft Builds

Fits within 100x100 Square
$ 65.00
Fits within 25x25 Square
$ 12.00
Fits within 35x35 Square
$ 20.00
Fits within 50x50 Square
$ 36.00
Fits within 75x75 Square
$ 50.00
add  Requested Build is a Large Character Statue
from $ 6.00
to $ 32.00
add  Underground
from $ 6.00
to $ 32.00

Minecraft Skins

4-Bit Arm Skin
$ 10.00

Pixel Art

Basic Character Image
$ 4.00
Scene/Comic (One character)
$ 10.00
add  Characters
$ 4.00
add  Shading
$ 2.00

Traditional Artwork

One Character
$ 3.50
add  Additional Panels (Comic)
$ 0.75
add  Characters
$ 2.00
add  Detailed Background
$ 1.50
add  Detailed Background for Comics
$ 3.00
add  Simple Background
$ 0.75

Currently, all money earned in commissions is going towards helping a fellow coach gather funds for a necessary surgery. Go to this journal for more info. The format this site provides, while organized, doesn't allow for much input of extra details. If you wish to contact me, you may do so by a private message on this site. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the prices or terms!

In the unlikely event that I gain multiple commissions at a time, I will tell you as much and keep track of everybody on a list, working on the commissions in whatever way seems most efficient.

Payment can be made through PayPal; if this won't work for you, you may suggest another form of payment.

In that case that you are ordering a fursuit, be warned: my house does have cats, though I will make every attempt to keep them out of my room while your fursuit is in construction.

I reserve the right to discriminate against themes and/or subjects that make me feel morally uncomfortable.


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