Hey. How ya' doin'? I hope the answer is something along the lines of, "Good," and if not... I hope things start going better.

My name's Voltaire, or Volt if you'd prefer. I dabble in a few different art forms - mainly traditional artwork, but I can also write stories and poems, as well as build fursuits and other physical projects. Generally, the stuff I draw is inspired by life experiences, so it's always a pleasure to share a little story with you guys.
I'm always hoping that I'll get a commission someday, but then again, everyone is. I'd just really like an excuse to make more fursuit stuff and drink profuse amounts of caffeinated beverages in the process. Just know that I'm always willing.

Anyways, that's enough said by now. Hope you enjoy your stay here, thank you for reading all this, and have a blessed day/evening!

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Commissions, Drawings, and Licenses

on 13 May 2019 at 13:00:18 MDT

So, I ended up skipping the third batch of stickers this week. It's got a couple in there ready to go, but not enough to justify posting a whole page and calling it a "batch". Well, one of the reasons for this is obvious - I've been working on another fursuit commission, and I posted a WIP of that yesterday. The second reason, I don't believe I've mentioned since my New Year's journal:
I'm finally taking a CDL course.
There's a small, local training center run by the same community college I dual-enrolled in, and I've just started my fourth week of an eight-week-long course in learning how to drive a truck! (Big trucks - 18-wheelers, big-rigs, semis, whatever you wanna' call 'em.) It's been fun so far - lots of studying, granted, especially since the instructors are putting most of their focus on another group that's nearing the end of their training. But, starting next week, my class will be on the back half of our course, meaning that it'll be our turn to have the instructors' focus on us. If I was happy before, I'm heckin' pumped for what's coming next.

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Full Fursuit
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Head, Hand Paws, and Tail
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$ 350.00
Legs (Digitigrade)
$ 200.00
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$ 100.00
$ 50.00

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My house has cats, though I will make every attempt to keep them out of my room while your fursuit is in construction.


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