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Need a Secondary Animator (Willing to Pay)

on 3 July 2015 at 19:03:06 MDT

Soooooo at 6,632 frames into this thing--about 4 and a half minutes--it's just recently hit me what exactly I've gotten into with this animation project (that is, the Kirby and Meta Knight NSFW one).

I will still be making the rest of the rough animation myself, but I would REALLY appreciate some help beyond that. Once I get into the final draft stages, I would LOVE if someone could help me smooth out the movement with frames in between what I already have. You will not have to draw or animate anything from scratch, you will be working off a sketched animation frame-by-frame. You won't even have to color it, I'll do that part myself. I just need help with the linework of tweening frames to lighten the load a little. And yes, this animation is being done in 2D frame-by-frame style.

So! If someone would be kind enough to lend me a hand with that in the future, I am willing to pay them for their work (I know firsthand how hard and time-consuming animation is). They will also be credited for their work unless they specify otherwise. If more than one of you is willing to help me out, all the better. I only ask that anyone who offers their help can give me some kind of sample of their past work so I can determine whether this is beyond their skill level. Specifically, anyone who can animate wings would be a HUGE help (and I may want you to help with the rough animation as well if that's the case).

And since it isn't fair otherwise, I've decided I will be paying the voice actors and programmer for their work as well. Hopefully you can be a little understanding of how long it might take me to earn the money, though. As another side note, anyone who works on this project can view the previews for free instead of pledging on Patreon.

Contact me for further details if you're interested.

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    Well, you're just about on every fur site aren't you? x3

    Anyways, hi~. x3

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    I didn't know you were here.
    now I can see your awesomeness here too ;-;

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    'lo Vibrant!

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    Hi there! Love your art style, I was hoping I could learn a thing or two from you after seeing your live stream a few days back, eh?

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      Sure. Anything in particular you're wanting to know?

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        Well, how you color and shade is one thing... I always get nervous when doing it, caus I keep thinking I'll mess up

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          I can point you to some pretty good tutorials that could explain it better than I could, if you want.