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Just a fur who's been in the fandom a while and enjoys getting commissions and meeting new people.

BTW I rarely use the friend thing on here. I dont show anyone labeled as such anything special i dont to everyone else. Just more for formality.

Most stuff you'll see uploaded here is not done by my hand, but I have a folder for stuff that is by my hand i'll upload here over time.


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May 2019 life update thingy

on 13 May 2019 at 21:54:30 MDT

Heya everyone. Time for another monthly life update for the bored or curious.

Business: As of now we have no more flip properties and only rentals. All are making cash, but 2 aren't making as much as they should. Either cause needs repairs/upgraded to legally be doable, or county causing every road block they can cause they don't want mobile homes around their county anymore. The one needing repairs I am pushing to get fixed up enough for refinancing so we can get public sewage and water to the property and ditch the ancient failing and inadequate septic and well system there. Plus opportunity to make a house on land next to it or sell that section of land if the price is right. As for the trailer property, the plan now is to just sell the 2 new mobile homes, get off the property, sell the property cutting our losses and move onto greener pastures (ie more properties to buy and rent out or flip). Lesson to be learned – check with your county about what you can/cant do with a land you got interest in before buying it. A seller can tell you anything they want to sell their problem and GTFO, but then you are stuck with its problems. Sometimes to where you cant make money with it.

We are in a good turn right now fund wise and market is real strong around us. Just need to wipe out the problems and get more profits/solutions.

Last week of April into May I was in Florida helping rassah work on his plane kit (a velocity xl) and got it together enough to where by Friday we were able to do a first teat fire/start of the engine Still a lot more to do on it, but its together enough that I don't have to be there to help it move along the pace he wants to get together by end of summer or earlier. If want to see videos of it starting can poke me for it in PM. I can share it over telegram or maybe discord.

Also zakrhyno got an RV I am helping do a fair bit of work on to make modern, safe and more efficient to drive. LED/HID light conversions, tuning up engine and generator, 3d printing vents for the C system that deteriorated from age that are no longer made, back up camera, modern radio and backup cameras to name a few things going on with it. Its a nice 22’ 1996 E350 camper with low mileage and in good shape. Has a lot of electrical issues but that's my forte’ and whipping most of them into shape quickly.

Speaking of car stuff, helped another fur Rayote get a truck the day before helped Zak get that RV. Been doing a lot of repairs (and being paid for) on furs cars in the community lately. All that income helps, and glad to help fix problems and educate folks on their specific cars.

As for a big event that's happened in my life, the family decided since the fairfax house is now sold and got the money from that replenishing dad’s investments, he decided to pay off all the loans he had. ALL of them. One was to my house here in Nokesvile.. o.O;; He told me that on Saturday after done with Rassahs plane while was near him in FL. SO… For any who were worried about my financial situation and loosing the house can now relax as that wont happen. I still got plenty to pay the family back on and pay for the taxes and insurance and any repairs needed here… but, the house is paid off. Got a lot to now budget for next year and figure out what income I need to cover it all consistently. But its doable.

Commission wise I am having a couple smaller/cheaper things get made now and then, while saving up to fuel pages on the larger comic projects. I do have a ref sheet want to update and redesign the inflatable version of Kendall. Since artists like Zak and Jacfox don't draw NSFW refs they are out on my list of possibilities. BlueSpaceGoat has a design I like, but again no NSFW art. akkusky has a style of him I do like and can do NSFW but hes very busy now so may not be free to do any month/year soon. So I am not sure who to pick, or if any wanna take a stab at it to be hired. The artist MUST be able to do SFW AND NSFW versions for me to hire them for the ref project.

Other than that, life has been going fairly well for now. Money is thin but paying off things consistently and on time. If had 1-2 more living here paying rent then would be in fantastic shape to keep house’s expenses in check and use business income for everything else. Getting there, getting there…

Hope life has been OK for most of you out there!

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