sometimes i doodle cartoons and make things using squares.

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on 23 March 2014 at 21:40:02 MDT

So about 2 weeks ago, I ordered a tablet pen since I lost mine a long time ago.
It came in a couple days after I ordered it and I can't get over how much better I can use it now! I used to try using it a long time ago, long before I began the journey to actually figure out drawing and how to make stuff that I would actually like. Now, I can actually make stuff worth sharing around and wasting time with, and it's fantastic!

I've been working a lot with Paint Tool SAI (which I'm really considering maybe paying the $50 it costs to buy, cause I'M LOVING IT!) and I really want to start figuring out how to use the brushes and stuff better and learn techniques with it. I used to use Autodesk Sketchbook, but this program won me over with it's legacy pen function, which let's me do both paintings and pixel art in the same program if I ever cared to! So far, I've been messing a lot with the legacy pen, which is pretty much just a brush without any antialiasing (which is strangely something I dig too much as an aesthetic because of all that pixel art I do, and I need to stop this guilty pleasure of mine). I might hold a stream every now and then, since it could probably be fun to chat with people while figuring out this junk, and wouldn't mind getting some advice on things I should probably know about.

I also started a new tumblr blog to post digital doodles on. Feel free to follow it!

I've also started an account on Weasyl:

Feel free to follow those if you want.

Also, I'm starting to get back to work on Stetik Saves Friend. that game project of mine where I was designing all that binary pixel art. If you don't know much about it, or want to see more about it, check these links!
I don't know about getting too close to a release date any time soon, but we're starting to get things going again, and we've got a lot of ideas to put to work, and I got a ton of junk to work on animating that I finally started getting back to work on, so I'm sure I'll share a tidbit or two every now and then.

Welp, see you guys around!

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