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I exist again

on 7 May 2017 at 14:11:33 MDT

Sorry, I obviously kinda fell off the map at some point. Again. I have some backlog of finished art to catch up on posting and will hopefully have that all up soon. It's not everything I've worked on recently (part of the reason I went MIA was because of freelance/temp work), but it should be a good selection of stuff. The combo of freelance work and events has hit a slow spot so I finally have a chance to update stuff.

If you're interested in hanging out and chatting, I'm likely going to be doing art streams most days from about noon-6pm PST over at my Twitch stream. I have a fair amount of traditional art planned first, but later on it should be digital stuff too. The exact times will be refined as I go on as well, but it should be that schedule for most of the week (with bonus gaming-related streams in the evenings). Would love to see you guys drop by! If you want to show up your best bet is to follow me on Twitch for the notifications there.

I'm also opening up commissions (as well as selling some prints/merch) on -- if you wanna sell there too, if you use my referral link, we both get $5 when you first sell something! Not everything I want to offer is listed there yet. Keep an eye out! Will likely have conbadge-type things up there soonish too, mostly 'cause I enjoy doing them.

I think that's about it for now! I ended up clearing my notifications on here (there was a LOT of stuff, eek), so if I missed something of yours that was super awesome, just send me a link and I'll take a look!

I also updated all the social media links and stuff above, so check 'em out and stuff if you wanna follow me on sites and things!

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    An impressive galery, keep it up!

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    Your collection here looks really really REALLY nice, so I'm going to stalk- I mean follow you.

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    Your work is really fantastic! :)

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    Thank you for following!

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    Thanks for following back! :'D

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    Oh dude, awesome! Thanks for the follow! *follows back*