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Birthdate: October 4th
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Hi there, and welcome to my little account. Here you'll find the collection of doodles I've made for others, and on occasion, some for myself. Please enjoy your stay and leave a pawprint if you feel so inclined!

---- Art & Commissions ----
As of May 2023

Streaming:Tues. and Thurs., 2:30pm EDT to 10:00pm EDT at
Commission Blocks: Not accepting right now.

Please comment if you enjoy my art; I'm definitely interested to know what you like so I may improve my offerings in the future!

---- A Bit About Me ----

A well-traveled spacer vixen who's seen a number of star systems, I'm an independent parcel courier and cargo hauler by trade. I grew up in the rough and tumble docks, residentials and ghettos of an aged, sprawling orbital habitat ring that has a tendency to collect and mix drifters, orphans, life's anchors and those with no aim in life. Left the first chance I could and never looked back. ...Well, not more than once. Since then, my main passion's become taking off to distant worlds to explore, delighting in the freedom and independence found a star away. But that's come with a good mix of trouble, characters friendly and fiendish, and adventure that's left many a tale to tell!

These days art's a side hustle to fill flight time between star systems, working as a cargo hauler to keep the lights on in the modest-sized hab station my family owns. I've drawn anthro art as a hobby for just over twenty years, doodled in general even longer. Through it, and writing, I strive to create worlds and characters that captivate, inspire, provoke and excite. All just to leave my little mark on the lives of others!

Bit of a grey-muzzle, mostly-in-character, ambivert nightvoop who occasionally pops into social arenas and relishes the occasional party. I'm an iconoclast in avoidance of most social network platforms and usually keep to my comfortable friend-circles or in quiet working on my hobbies and games. I love cleverness, provocativeness, and people who give me pause to think and try to give back the same in kind. An eager friend or unrepentant flirt when I like you, and politely blunt if I don't. I pick battles I deem worth it and usually don't hold my tongue if evident truth needs saying, but overall will always try to find consensus in disagreements.

I have drawn anthro art as a hobby since the late nineties and doodled in general even longer. I currently am trying to make a sustainable career of it as one of my passions.

  • ---- Characters and Roleplay ---- *

My main character and personal furry identity, Niko, has established personality, tastes, and twenty years of history. I'm all cool with having hir included in art ideas! But: If you'd like to include hir in art, or be involved with hir, please let me know what you have in mind so I can vet its appropriateness. I don't bite, honest!

I'm an "In-character" furry that's always at a form of roleplay (or kayfabe for you wrestling fans), speaking as Niko when corresponding with others online. I type the way I speak. Niko the nightvixen isn't an asset or OC, but an extension of personality I'm comfortable associating as, ya dig?

  • ---- Concerning IMs & RP Sites Like F-list ---- *

Steam, Discord, Telegram: Yeah I use 'em when I have the time, or for gaming. I don't like using them for art-related stuff: I'd prefer PMs here or email, for records. I'm pretty selective about whom I give accessibility to, for privacy reasons.

As for RP chat sites like F-List: I've just the one account only. I ain't on any other RP sites, nor do I endorse imitating my savvy likeness elsewheres or give permission to play as, or alter, my likeness. Y'can't copy this original, sugar! Twitter is largely for announcements of an artistic fashion and promoting others.

---- My Quaint Li'l Tawner Family ----
Taross * DoniRoux

JonesyBunny * Tazel * Pikacha
Pathia * Furball

Pets & Old Companions
Pinnacle * fireofmoon
Faeon * FelixMink
A family established on FurTooniaMUCK circa 1999 and migrated to FurryMUCK, SPR, Tapestries and beyond, this is the continuing gaggle of my siblings, denmates, cousins and so on!

THANK YOU to everyone who watches me and takes interest in my work! I heartily appreciate your support! <3

Latest Journal

🍓 August Commission Block Opening Tomorrow..

Hihi, folks!

After 10,000 yearsA good long while: I'll be making my commission form available tomorrow evening, roughly 24 hours from this posting!

Options listed in my Commissions Info page are on the table but this block will be a smaller one (three slots). When the time comes, I'll make a submission post and journal advertising my form's opening and collect any interested responses for 48 hours. It will not be first-come, first-serve. Afterwards, I'll be notifying those chosen for work.

This is just the forewarning in case of interested parties. I'm super pumped to be getting back to more off-stream work for folks, especially those unable to just say screw their jobs/sleep/etc. who've wanted work for a while. Hope to hear from you!

Renard Regards,
~ Niko

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    Heyas, thank you for the follow

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    A slightly belated Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one.

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      A Superrrrr-belated thank you! I did as a matter of fact! And am working to pay forward the good favor I was given!

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    I just wanted to tell you I've been a fan of yours since like 2000. I found your website on a site called "zoolinks" thats probably dead now. You were one of the first furry artists whose art I ever saw. I've remained a fan all these years. I love your artwork.

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      Thanks for those kind words. :) Time really does fly; 2000 doesn't feel that long ago, and I've tried hard to grow in talent since then! I hope I keep putting out work you and others'll enjoy!

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    Sending you lurrrvvvve <3

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      Hee, thank you Sweetie Green. Have a bountiful share back! <3

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        So generous! <3 <3 <3 <3