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Hi there, and welcome to my little account. Here you'll find the collection of doodles I've made for others, and on occasion, some for myself. Please enjoy your stay and leave a pawprint if you feel so inclined!

---- Art & Commissions ----
As of September 2018

Streaming: Limited, perhaps once a week until further notice (either Tues or Thurs, 2:30pm EDT to 11pm EDT at Stream notices will be issued for stream days. Raffle Journals and YCH auctions held on FurAffinity on occasion!
Commission Blocks: Not accepting right now. Please don't ask me when. :) Working out a new schema for taking proper offline commissions!

Please do not pester (read: continuously PM) me about when I may be taking requests. Doing so may end up souring your chances on that. :)

Please comment if you enjoy my art; I'm definitely interested to know what you like so I may improve my offerings in the future!

---- A Bit About Me ----

As a silver-muzzle with a couple decades in the Furry Fandom in my closet, I'm a mostly-private, mostly-in-character vixen who occasionally pops into social arenas and relishes the occasional party. I'm a bit of an iconoclast in my avoidance of most social network platforms and can usually be found keeping to my comfortable friend-circles or in quiet working on my hobbies and games, huddled away from the march of aimless randomness and meme culture. I love cleverness and people who give me pause to think, and try to give back the same in kind. An eager friend or unrepentant flirt when I like you, and politely blunt if I don't. I pick battles I deem worth it and usually don't hold my tongue if evident truth needs saying, but overall will always try to find consensus in disagreements.

I have drawn anthro art as a hobby since the late nineties and doodled in general even longer. I currently am trying to make a sustainable career of it as one of my passions.

  • ---- Characters and Roleplay ---- *

My main character and personal furry identity, Niko, has established personality, tastes, and twenty years of history. If you'd like to include hir in art, or be involved with hir, please let me know what you have in mind so I can vet its appropriateness. :) I don't bite, honest! The courtesy should extend to my other characters to avoid them being portrayed in a hurtful or defamatory manner.

I'm an old-fashioned "In-character" furry. Meaning, I am always at a form of roleplay speaking as Niko when corresponding with others online. I type the way I speak, expressing opinions good and bad, flirting, debating, etcetra. Niko the nightvixen isn't just an asset, but an extension of personality I'm comfortable associating as instead of my boring meatbag self in Meatspace or at cons.

  • ---- Concerning IMs & RP Sites Like F-list ---- *

I have one account on F-List only. It's not comprehensively full and juicy; it's mostly to stymie impersonation and for rare occasions. I do not use any other RP sites or endorse my likeness on those sites, and I do not use Facebook or Telegram. Twitter is largely for announcements of an artistic fashion. I use IMs like Steam's chat but once in a blue moon, and I am selective about who I give accessability to, for privacy reasons. I don't like spending my evenings multi-chatting nonstop; The 2000s burned me out on that.

---- My Quaint Li'l Tawner Family ----
Taross * DoniRoux

JonesyBunny * Tazel * Pikacha
Pathia * Furball

Pets, Companions, Old Friends
Reiane * Pinnacle * fireofmoon
Faeon * FelixMink
A family established on FurTooniaMUCK circa 1999 and migrated to FurryMUCK, SPR, Tapestries and beyond, this is the continuing gaggle of my siblings, denmates, cousins and so on!


THANK YOU to everyone who watches me and takes interest in my work! I heartily appreciate your support! <3


Fur Affinity
NightFix Arts (Under Rennovation)

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🔥 Opening for an In-Stream Commission Tomorrow 🔥

on 13 March 2019 at 15:02:43 MDT

What the title says!

Planning on firing up the stream tomorrow, March 14th, around 6pm EST (-5 GMT) and being open for in-stream raffle. Info here, stream as always is on Tigerdile over here.

Participation requires presence, as the raffle is held in-stream, about 20 minutes after start. So if you're about tomorrow and wish to participate, feel free to stop on in!

Commission info can be found here.

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          Sounds about similar to myself and my own activity level...simply trying to get back into a rhythm of posting things on FA around work streams. And as far as guilty curiosities, spying your own commissioned works keep popping across my nose. So, nice to bump bases now and then.