Hi there! I'm a buck/stag/fawn from North-East England. In the fandom I go by either Gage or Daimhín, which happen to be the names of characters that I've created. My main fursona's species is a Barasingha (Swamp deer). Although I also own some other OCs. Their reference sheets can be found in my Scraps. I've been in this fandom for approximately four years now. I think I've got a lot out of this community. I'm not really a skillful writer or artist, so none of the artwork that I post here was created by me. It was all commissioned, requested or gifted to me from various talented artists. Make sure you check them out!

I have many interests outside of this fandom. Those include biology, reading, gaming, hiking and getting in touch with nature. I have a strong love for the natural world and I think the scientific method is one of the best ways one can attempt to understand it. I'm also generally quite a shy person, but I like talking to people when I open up to them. If you ever want to talk with me just send me a message; all of my contact details are listed on my profile. I'd love to talk because I'm always open to making some new friends. Thanks for checking out my page. I hope you like some of the art I've received! c:



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on 4 February 2014 at 13:15:52 MST

Since I've already uploaded a copious amount of artwork to DeviantART and Tumblr, I'm aiming to be more active here. There's a lot of content from people that I've been missing on this site, which I would like to apologize for. I do legitimately like this website but I'm really slow when it comes to uploading art to on multiple websites. >.>

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    hai =D

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    Thank you for the favorites, got a lot of nice fursuiting pics/vids coming up.

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    Have you ever thought about doing a joint commission, and or having another character in it? If you are let me know, was thinking about where we are both Biology Bro's it would make for an awesome picture. Maybe us in lab coats doing an experiment or something.

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      Sorry for the late response; I've been busy. But yeah, that sounds like a superb idea. I'd love to appear in more art with other deer characters and biology is a great subject. Feel free to contact me at any time and share your ideas. I'd love to appear in some art with you. : )

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        No problem and will do!

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    Hey there, lovely fursona you've got ^^