Heya peeps!
I'm pretty much here to chat with peeps, and post my crafts (Not on this account though, on quack-a-roo)

I'm not exactly a furry, but I do like the art and parts of the community. :D

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Back on Weasyl (Sort of)

on 15 January 2015 at 12:13:12 MST

Yeah, I've been out of things on here (And most other furry sites)

I'm not exactly a furry any more, but I still enjoy seeing the talent that comes out of sites like these. (And my love for most anything animal is just as strong) so I'm hoping to continue to be a part of the site community, and maybe commission someone in the near future for some reference sheets for my OCs. :)

I'm just cleaning up my profile, so please bear with the mess. x)
I probably won't be posting any of my own art on this page, but who knows? I may sometime, if I get into something other than making duck tape wallets. :P

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    Thanks for the fave, I'm glad you like it :)

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    Nice profile!

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      Aww, thank you! ^_^

      I like how here the profile is off to the side, I think it makes people more likely to read it, it rather on FA, where most people just scroll down without taking a second look. x(

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    Thank you for following me, I really appreciate it!

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    Thanks for the watch! :D