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Who I am:

Just an artist from French Canadia who is trying to make by as he can ^^

I specializes in transformation and werewolves artwork, but I also dabble in fantasy and science fictions which are both subjects I also greatly enjoy.

Overall, I'm just trying to keep and continue being the best artist I can,

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Latest Journal

Commissions hiatus this summer, more personal art

Today will be a bit of a personal non-art journal.

For a lot of reasons lately I'm starting to consider a change of career (previously, outside of my artwork here and on other galleries, my career was in technical drafting using CAD softwares). As a result, I've begun slowly looking into new fields of work, with the possibility of a potential "return to school" to study a new field altogether. There's a couple of things I'm slowly considering, but for now there's little I can talk about.

Having saved up a decent amount of money over the last couple of years, I'm thus giving myself some time to think about it but as a result this also means that I will take a full hiatus(outside of possible gift commissions for very close friends) from commissioned artwork possibly for most of the summer to remove the remove the distraction and pressure of production while I figure things out.

This said, my galleries and Patreon will still feature more artwork from me.
Simply said (I do still need something to keep myself occupied after all), it'll just be more personal pieces than commissioned works. There's a couple of things I wanted to explore there as well and taking the pressure from having to complete series of commissions should help as well.

So all in all, thank you for reading this and continuing to support my works. I'll keep you up to date on how things develop and in the meanwhile I hope the personal art to come will continue to be works that enjoy and be pleased by!

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