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Anthro New England meme/info

on 25 January 2015 at 08:12:50 MST

It's still a month away, but I anticipate being very busy, so here's a rundown!

~ I will be in the dealer's room with maresy! I'll be taking commissions: drawings, small badges, and hopefully metal leaf stuff as well!

~I am HOSTING A PANEL on Friday at 5:30 on drawing and designing anthro characters by feeling your way around references of real people, animals, and things. Mostly a drawing workshop, I'll be running through some of my own design process briefly, but focusing on how to use reference and how to integrate it into a coherent drawing or design. I hope there will be lots of beginners, since I see folks struggling to come up with a fursona and I think it could be a hell of a lot of fun to explore the possibilities with that. May or may not also focus on one of my top rules of reference: Nothing Should Look Like A Dog, Not Even A Dog.

And now... meme info.

Where are you staying?
At my own house!

Means of transportation?
The MBTA, baby.

What is your gender/sexuality?
cis woman, queer

Which languages do you speak?

Where will you be most of the time during the day?
Dealer's Den, a few panels or just wandering if I get away from the table for a bit. Also fursuiting during the parade because YOU BET I AM.

Who will you be with?
Maresy, RedDogDied/Wylie, Rach, Zhayde.

Do you do free art?
No way buddy.

Do you do trades?
Might do! I like leatherwork.

Do you do commissions?
YES, find me in the Dealer's Den, name will be Kittiara, I'll be next to Maresy, table # TBD!

What suit(s) will you have?
I'll be in Tierney when suiting.

Can I dance with you?
You can dance in my vicinity, sometimes with me, maybe. No dudes allowed in that case.

Can I touch you?
Hand shakes.

Can I talk to you?
Sure, I'll be at a table, so come say hi!

Can I hug you?
Only if I'm in costume, and only if you verbally ask or hold out arms in a 'hug?' gesture.

Anyway, hope to meet some locals there!

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    that's some hella sweet art you have there

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    Thanks a lot for following me!

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    By any chance was that you as the Griffin on the Dance floor at Maltese Fur-Con?

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      Yes indeed, that's me! :)

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        Wow thats awesome! I saw you dancing and wanted to say how nice your suit is! You have some epic moves on the dance floor LOL! I couldnt catch you before you left because I was on stage at the time.

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          LoL thanks! I was just there Friday. Great DJ set, I had a ton of fun; obviously I don't often get the chance to hit a dancefloor in suit, so I about half killed myself Friday evening. Do you have a songlist or mp3 of your set btw?

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            I don't have one made up just yet, but I can put one out and run a copy of the mix if you are interested. Again, it was great to see you out there! Glad you had fun, that was my whole point!

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              There were a lot of great songs in there, I'd love a mix or even the playlist TBH! Thanks for a great dance, man :)