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if you are gonna add me on skype, plz let me know who you are when you add me. if i don't know who you are i will block you



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Updated Commission Info

Due to the rising inflation as well as the growing workload each commission brings, I've decided to raise my prices. I'm sorry if the prices might be out of range for some people, but this has been long overdue and for me to be able to continue to take commissions I need to make sure the work I am putting into each piece isn't being undercut. I hope you guys will understand.

As for if I am open for commissions, the answer is yes. I have tried using a slot-based method in the past, but I've found more success with taking commission requests as they come.

If you are interested in a commission, please reach out via comment, private message, or at my discord "inkblotjustcallmetony".

Please note: If I get a lot of requests all at once I'll need to be selective with what I take on. If I can't take on your commission when you make your request, I might be able to take it on at a later date.

Character Commissions:

4 Sizes:

Head - $25

Bust - $30

Half Body - $40

FullBody - $50

Extra Characters: $10 - $20 per character (Depending on complexity)

Backgrounds: $10 - $20 Depending on complexity

Completion Levels:

Sketch - 75% off Base Price

Lines - 50% Off Base Price

Flats - 25% Off Base Price

TF Commissions:

1 Frame (Mid TF - Post TF): $50

2 Frames (Before & After): $80

3 Frames: $100 - $120 (Depends on complexity)

4 Frames: $130 - $150 (Depends on complexity)

5 Frames: $160 - $180 (Depends on complexity)

+$20 Per extra Frame

+$20 per extra character

Backgrounds: $10-$20 (Depends on complexity)

Comic Commissions:

-Due to the varying amount of work making a comic can take, the prices of comic commissions will vary greatly depending on many factors.

-The number of panels, the setting/background, subject matter, amount of characters, length, etc all will affect the price of each comic page.

-Due to the more complex nature of comics, it is best if you come to me with a good idea of what it is you want. The more you tell me about the idea, the better I can create something you will like, and give a better estimate of the cost.

-When doing comic commissions, I will create a very basic layout template after talking about the idea and wait for confirmation. Once the layout is given the ok, I will the price estimate and send an invoice. In the event the price is too much, I will continue to talk till a layout & price is reached.

-The price range for comics can be anywhere from $90-$200 per page. It is advised that you give a range of pages you would like based on this pricing. While prices falling on the ends of the range would be uncommon, keep them in mind when giving a page amount. The final price of a comic commission will be added together once idea talks have been made.

Other Info:

-I Take Payment Upfront for First-Time Commissioners

-Return Commissioners can take payment at halfway the Halfway Point or upon Completion

-NSFW: Free


-A full refund will be given if the commission cannot be completed

-Completion time can vary from a few days to SEVERAL MONTHS. I am prone to blocks, and it can cause work to slow. This does not mean I won't complete the commission! I will let you know if it can't be completed! Please be patient!

-Please look at my info before sending me an idea and try and have an idea of what you want before asking for a commission!

-What I am willing to draw varies from Idea to Idea. Please be willing to work with me If the idea you suggest isn't something I am willing to draw. Also keep in mind my tastes in ideas change over time, so just because I am not open to an idea the first time doesn't mean it's completely out of the question later down the line. HOWEVER, DO NOT EXPECT ME TO BE AUTOMATICALLY OK WITH AN IDEA THE 2ND TIME YOU PITCH IT. As said before, It's more of a case-by-case basis.

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