There isn't much to me really. A writer who's striving to become a Novelist. In all honestly I'm really a sweet person. Although, I have been portrayed by many for my stubborn attitude and my lack of compassion for those who aspire to be idiots. This persistent resolve to continually speak my mind when I feel its needed has given be a bit of a harsh track record. I feel that for me Weasyl is a fresh start and I hope to show people that I am really not as bad as people say I am. <3

I do seek out challenges in writing. I boast quite openly that I will write anything in any detailing and always keep my commissions open to never miss a chance to write. As I grow as a writer I hope that I can get better at my craft and soon start work on my first novel. I mainly deal with fictional short stories and semi novel pieces. I can do realism to the point I will research what I am writing about to make sure it's accurate.

If you wish to know more about this Drafess and what I am about just give me a glance are or message me on one of my messengers. <3


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Posted some stuff! <3

on 29 January 2013 at 16:36:22 MST

Just got done posting a few things. Letting you guys have a look at my commissions and stories so far. Sadly changing the format to plain text from word document leaves them looking like crap. I normally space between paragraphs and verbose context. Hope this doesn't throw you guys off too much as it would take me way too much editing to fix it.

If it does bother you, just copy and paste the link to your URL and read the original. I've even pasted them in the info for ease of reading without the need for a download.

Also... anyone know if you can hyperlink on Weasyl? O.o if so... how?

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Creative Writing: Semi novel

Semi Novel
$ 15.00
Semi Novel +
$ 20.00

Creative Writing: Short story

Extended Short Story
$ 8.00
Short story
$ 5.00

Short story, 4-5k words= 5$

Extended shorts 6-7k words = 8$

Anything more, price will increase by 2$ per thousand words.

Semi Novel story 10-14k words = 15$

Anything more than 14k words will be increased by 5$ because of time it would take to finish.

Multiple char's are always accepted, I may even add an additional char from my list of cameo appearances just to add to the flavor of the story. <3

If you don't wish cameo's to appear in the story just let me know, other than that just note me and I can work out all the fine details with you.

All kinks and fetishes are fine, all themes for the stories will be accepted.

Commissions are always open, I just normally do 5 at a time to not leave my customers waiting too long. <3

Process order of commission is as follows

1.) Give me a note detailing the size of your story that your looking for. (Size determines more detail generally)

2.) We settle on a price and I will give you my paypal information. (When you send me


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