I come here from and I'm a freelance artist/graphic designer. I draw reference sheets starting $30 (they're quite detailed and come with sets of expressions, and every additional dollar adds to the quality and detail. I'm currently on a break though so I can finish up other work.

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JSYK I'm not moving from Deviant Art.

on 24 January 2014 at 10:31:17 MST

This is not a migration or anything. I'm just here hanging out because of a friend. o uo I will put info here that I would put on DA, minus the commission slots.

I really do prefer Deviant Art's layout and format to Weasyl's but I like how small Weasyl is. What I don't like is... SO MUCH ANTHRO (probably people who migrated out of Furaffinity).

Don't worry guys, it's just me. o -o I'm probably irrationally racist against furries. I don't hate furries. I just hate... furries... ugh... (something about cartoon anthro just turns me off so hard I want to punch people...)

So please don't ask me to draw anything anthro when I open commissions. Q uQ

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    Thanks for the follow! :>

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    YAY. I accidentally deleted the journal that had your link and I found you anyway! 8D

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      Eh? I had a journal with my link?

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        Didn't you post a journal about moving to Weasyl on dA? Or at least I'm pretty sure you did... A ton of people I've been watching on dA have moved to tumblr and weasyl this week. @_@;;

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          I haven't. I don't plan to move either. XD I'm just here because Pomchi said she was here.

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            Ah, maybe that's what it was. I can't keep up anymore. @_@ I'm not even exaggerating when I say there were at least five notification journals in one day for my favorite artists all taking their business off deviantArt because of everything that's been going on.

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              What's been going on? O__o

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                dA has essentially given up fighting tracing to the point where one artist was obviously, BLATANTLY traced, she had proof, and they basically said "Sorry, can't help you." They made no move to protect her artwork, speak to the person who posted the traced piece, and basically closed the conversation on her when she got upset and asked them if they were treating tracing as an acceptable form of art theft. Here's the article the person had on tumblr: