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Hello, the name's Raven or Deku, whatever you wanna call me. I've been drawing art since April of 2014, but I recently moved to this new account to start fresh. On my account you can find a variety of work including animations, Pokemon style pixel art, digital and traditional art of all sorts, and more!

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Pixel Chibi and Icon Giveaway!

on 8 March 2016 at 08:05:59 MST

I'm giving away free Pixel art, consisting of one shaded full body and one shaded 100x100 icon.

How to Enter
1. You must be following me!
2. Comment on this journal with a link to one of your character's reference sheet and a short explanation of why you'd like to win.
3. The winners will be picked randomly on Friday at around 12 pm EST.

1. The full body will be done in feral, if your character is anthro I will translate them into feral for the pixel.
2. If you use either pixel on any site, please credit me!
3. Once the contest is over, if you'd like a pixel icon or full body feel free to message me and I'd be happy to work out a commission!

Examples of my pixel art (Pixels will not be animated!)

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    :D Thank you for the fave

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    Hi, I was wondering if you could do me a favor and punch me if I try to change my pokesona again? Because I know how hard it is to draw with an idiot changing her pokesona all the time. stares at myself

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      Note taken, lol!

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        Oh yeah, btw, if you could (you don't have to) could you upload a headshot of my pokesona instead of full body of my old pokesona?

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          Sure! I was planning on redoing it anyway because I didn't like how the first sketch turned out, so that's fine. ^3^

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            Ahh thanks!!! ^w^ I'm so happy! I'll let you choose if you want to add her hoodie or not.

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    Hey, I was wondering if you had anything I could draw for you, because you seem nice enough to draw for. :)

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      Only if I can draw something for you!