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This catchphrase is suppose to make me awesome.. does it work?
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I delete and do not respond to short pointless comments please put some actual thought into your comments an not just a single "lol" or ":)" Full sentences please.... @_@

Yes I do have a animal creature form for myself, but the main form I take on is not just a chosen identity that form does derive form great past lives and a connection to other worldly things.

Is this one form.. actually two?

A "Demonic" entity, and the inner "Spirit"

Yes, both creatures reflect complete opposites Evil, good, light and darkness, virtues and sins, hatred and love. This battle of the two sides is a major factor in my mind and my personality that which you will have to get to know me more to find out. Be warned however I am unpredictable, and it is very hard to gain my trust. So do not take me lightly and please do not assume anything at all with me. I am my own person and I express myself as I wish. If you do not like that please step away and leave me be.

Thank you.

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Patreon - Patron vs Non-PAtron, What you get.

on 17 February 2015 at 17:49:37 MST

I doubt anyone would read this first off XD and I doubt even more anyone would even consider helping me out with Patreon but meh no harm in trying, and besides Patreon you get so much more ;P

Sense I made my Patreon account I'm changing a few things after I gave it good long thought obviously sense I
don't like taking things away from people and I love having my stuff available to everyone. However, All artists need income and support to be able to continue their craft.

Note: I will be removing non commission/request and non adopt arts.

So to make this simple...


Only able to see adopts, Commissions and art trades submitted on deviantart, weasyl and furaffinity.


- Access to NSFW Content (must be 18+)
- Access to WIPs and sketches not normally shown to public or non commissioned people.
- First to know about and first access (when available) to free requests, trades, giveaways etc.
- Live stream access (link is only available through me directly giving it to you)
- Access to be able to read my graphic novel (16+ Mature rated)
- 15% Discount Commissions on anything over $50
- Access to tutorials and group lesson sessions.
- Able to Request Tutorial subjects.
- Private 1 on 1 art lessons(1 hour each lesson)
- Free Redlining of your art for suggestions and learning advice.
- Access Downloads of Free line art, shaded basses, color selections etc.
- 1 Free custom line or shaded Base per Devil's Fave Patron per month

Patrons will pay their pledged amount on the 1st of every month automatically set up by the Patreon site.

Lowest monthly donation is only $1!! I would of made it 69 cents because its amusing...but it wouldn't let me...>8[

5% of all donations will go back into Patreon to other artists!
(this amount will increase as the monthly tier increases :3 )

Anywho here's the link go check out and please help out!!


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