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from $ 12.00 to $ 18.00
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TOS details what is acceptable, what my refund policy is, what I will not accept, etc. Before asking questions read the TOS because your answer may already be addressed.

Most commissions come with a simple single color, pattern, or gradient bg. If you want to use a photo, please email it to my email below when commissioning me.

I want to draw something you're happy with and my goal is for you to leave feeling like you got your money's worth. I try to keep my schedule open for the sake of excitement, but I generally finish commissions between 2 weeks to a month. Please bear in mind I am a college student and try to balance work and play to ensure mental well being, thus I cannot work on your commission every single day, but will keep you updated as I make changes and progress. I work on large canvases (icons are 1000x1000 for ex) so if you want it smaller please say so. I currently take PayPal, but I plan to include/prefer squarecash. My paypal email and contact email is

from $ 15.00 to $ 20.00
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By purchasing a commission from me, you are indicating that you've read Terms of Service and agree with them.

I retain the right to decline a commission in case commissioner doesn't follow T.O.S. or if I personally don't feel comfortable taking it.

I retain the right to stop working on an order in case commissioner violates this terms.


what I DO draw:

Any species.
Any gender.
Characters of any sexual orientation.
Not extreme fetishes(you can ask for details).

what I DON'T draw:

Underage characters in sexual situations.
Extreme fetishes(please ask if you're not sure I don't know all of them).
Copyrighted characters or any kind of fanart unless there's a proof creators are okay with it.
Extreme violence.
Complicated machinery of any kind(I can do a gun but not a mecha).


Only PayPal.
Only in USD.
I don't do any kind of refunds.
Payment must be done after the sketch I sent you.
Only 100% payment(I will not continue working before receiving full payment).
Payment must be done within 48 hours.
Simple backgrounds are always FREE (no color, one or two colors, gradient, etc).

Work process

You provide me with a character reference or pictures.
After I agreed to take your commission I will draw a concept sketch and show it to you.
I will do only a few edits and I will ask for additional fee if you would like to change the whole picture so make sure to be clear with your descriptions.
After that the payment must be done otherwise I won't continue working on commission.
If the sketch was rejected I reserve the right to keep it, modify and use it as I want.
While working I will send you wips of work so we could work on small details.
Once I'm finished I will send you the full-size image and web size image, as a downloadable link.


You can use the artwork in any non-commercial manner(use as icon, banner or print the full resolution image for private use, etc.)
I reserve the rights to use the final image. Credits for your character always will be in description unless you don't want to.
Do not remove my signature from the picture.
When reposting my artwork always credit/link back to my account.
If you don't want to keep commission private note me beforehand, saying what you don't want me to do.

Lead time

two to three weeks depending on type of picture.
I will let you know if due to some problems it might take more time(tablet broke, pc problems, etc)

from $ 7.00
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My main commission site can be found here!:
I also accept Paypal via invoicing.

from $ 5.00 to $ 10.00
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I only do icons as of now. If you want to commission me, please PM me. The price depends on how complex your icon is to draw. I only accept PayPal for payment, as it's secure and easy to use.

from $ 5.00 to $ 6.00
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No description provided
from $ 10.00
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To commission me, either PM me here or on another social media site as linked in my profile, or email me at sawnixeredraegan[at]

All prices do not include a 3% PayPal fee. The fee will be calculated per order.


  • As visualization, 1000 words in single-spaced 12-pt Times New Roman is about 2.5 pages
  • Payment through PAYPAL only
  • Slots are first come, first served
  • PM me with your story idea and approximate length (if you know). Keep in mind characters and references for me to use as well. I'm a very visual person, so reference sheets, colors and the like are very useful to me!
  • Payment will occur after a general outline is created and okayed by you
  • Final product will be delivered as a PDF and posted to my accounts. If you want the story to remain unposted by me, an additional charge will occur.


  • Slots are first come, first served
  • Payment through PAYPAL only
  • PM me with your commission request as well as character reference (color is a plus but not required)
  • Payment will occur once an idea is settled on and work begins
  • Final product will be delivered as a 300dpi png, size variable

  • THINGS I WILL WRITE/DRAW include but are not limited to:
    -Any genre (limited to what I’m familiar with)
    -Any SFW situation
    -Any gender/sex (M/F, F/F, M/M, Trans, NB etc)
    -Most NSFW subjects and/or Kinks. This is a broad subject so if you want to know specifics, please PM/email me

  • THINGS I WILL NOT WRITE/DRAW include but are not limited to:
    -Underage (nothing under 18, no exceptions, this includes characters that are ancient but look like children)
    -Hyper/inflation (the latter has a few exceptions)
    -Hard vore

from $ 15.00 to $ 30.00
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No description provided
from $ 15.00
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Commissions should be made through email-
Payments can be made here through!

Please include references of the characters you’d like drawn, as well as what sort of mood, pose, etc you’d like for the piece. Once I approve/reject the idea- please see my “Will/Will Not draw” list- I will work on some sketches.

Once the sketches are approved, I’ll ask for payment- payment is paypal only. You can send payment up front if you like, but I prefer after sketches are approved as it helps me organise my workload.

Once I receive payment, I’ll get to work on finishing- I’ll submit a draft for your approval, where you can ask for minor changes, colours, etc. I will make changes (if any) then send you the high DPI/Resolution piece, and post a lower resolution/watermarked piece to my tumblr unless told not to.

Things I will draw:

  • Fanart- Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Flight Rising. Warcraft, just ask, I'm usually accommodating.

  • Monsters- Just gimme. I love drawing them.

  • Furries- lol yeah.

  • NSFW- I’ll draw smut, within reason

  • Canon/OC pairs: YES PLEASE I LOVE THEM

  • Trans characters: I am not a trans woman so I don’t know how to handle trans women, so it depends on the context :X I will happily draw trans men and nonbinary folks however!

  • Gore: Yep, love me some blood and guts, esp candy guro.


  • Characters: Cullen from Dragon Age (Sorry, ain’t happening)

  • Character ships: Reylo, Any First Order characters with Resistance characters. Thrawn with ANY Rebel characters/Purrgils (I also won’t draw Thryce, sorry)

  • No machines/cars/robots.

  • Stephen Universe

Absolutely not:

  • scat/watersports

  • underage

  • noncon

  • dubcon

  • ageplay

  • aged up

  • trans characters as a FETISH

  • menstruation

  • Racism/bigotry based violence

  • child abuse

  • children in dangerous/deadly situations

  • animal death/abuse

Terms of Service:

  • I will only do NSFW art for 18+ If I suspect you are underage, I will need some kind of proof you are of legal age. This is to protect myself and YOU.

  • I will not use your character to make profit, only the art as examples of my work- there will be no prints/cards, etc.

  • I will not send .PSD/.SAI files. This is to prevent alterations of my work without consent.

  • You may post the art I do for you in collections/, etc, but only if I am given credit, with a link to my work.

  • I reserve the right to cancel or deny a commission if I am uncomfortable with the material/subject matter or the commissioner. This includes receiving knowledge from the public that the commissioner is a known bigot- I will not do business with someone who is racist/transphobic/xenophobic or generally Republican leaning. I will not do business with Trump supporters, Neo Nazis etc.
from $ 7.50
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D E E P _ I C O N S

It's a simple Icon but with a twist. I use machine learning to generate these stylized textures. Background texture is optional, but included.

What do I get?

A unique stylized fursona Icon.
Multiple versions of the icon... White, Black, with background, transparent background.

Directions & Examples

First, Pick a species, either describe it to me or send me references.

Second, pick a Primary color and style. E.g. "Blue Abstract Art" or "#CCFFCC Untitled Art"

Third, pick a Secondary color and style. E.g. "Red 19th Century Art" or "#FF0000 South East Asian Art"

Fourth, pick a color and style for the background. E.g. "ANY Untitled art." or "ANY Album Covers"

Fifth, pick a resolution and pay any additional fees.
* Free Preview 600x600 (after paying base price.) +$0.00
* Base Resolution 1200x1200 +$0.00
* +50% Resolution 1800x1800 +$5.00


Dragon, Rabbit, Raccoon, Lion, Tiger, Dog, Cat, Wolf, Fox, Bat, and more to come (just ask and I'll do it).

Stylized Picture

What do I need to give you?

A photograph or photographs (up to 3)
Either Specify a style category or send me a painting or multiple paintings (up to 10)

What do I get?

A uniquely stylized photograph of your fursona, fursuit, self, house, landscape, or anything else you desire.

Directions & Examples

First, E-Mail me the picture or pictures you want me to paint over. E.g. "MyFursuit.JPG" or "Cool_Mountains.png"

Second, E-Mail me the painting or paintings to use as styles. If you don't have a style in mind, you can just ask me to pick a random painting from my list of styles categories. E.g. "salvador dali_Pamieci.jpg" or "MCEsher_Stairs.png" or "Psychedelic art."

Third, pick a resolution and pay any additional fees.
* Free Preview Max LongSide 600px (after paying base price.) +$0.00
* Base Resolution Max LongSide 1200px +$0.00
* +50% Resolution Max LongSide 1800px +$5.00
* +100% Resolution Max LongSide 2400px +$20.00
* +200% Resolution Max LongSide 3600px +$30.00
* +300% Resolution Max LongSide 4800px +$40.00
* +400% Resolution Max LongSide 6000px +$50.00


  • You Can even send me your own paintings! .
  • 16th Century.
  • 17th Century.
  • 18th Century.
  • 19th Century.
  • 20th Century.
  • Abstract art.
  • Album Covers. (includes vaporwave)
  • Chinese art.
  • Korean art.
  • African art.
  • Japanese art.
  • Middle Eastern art.
  • South East Asian art.
  • Post Modern art.
  • Psychedelic art.
  • Untitled art.
  • US Impressionism.
  • WWI Propaganda.
  • WWII Propaganda.
from $ 6.00
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I reserve the right to refuse any commission I don't feel I will be able to draw well or don't think I will be able to complete within a reasonable time frame.

More complex characters (with multiple extra limbs, specific crazy patterns, etc.) will be charged an additional fee due to the additional time required to perfect them. A regular set of wings or an extra tail or two will not incur this fee.

All digital commissions can either be published with transparent or simple flat-color backgrounds for no additional fee. Full color/shaded commissions can also include a pattern in the background (bubbles, hearts, leaves, etc.) for no additional cost.

All $10+ commissions MUST be paid for after you receive and approve the initial sketch for me to continue working on them.

Icons and Sketches must be paid for upfront before I begin work.

from $ 5.00
Matched: Icon

always open for commissions. If you are to post art I created for you please reference me. and please message me or send me an email at ( if you're interested in a commission. Comics and character/concept design are my passion. I am always open to help you create new concepts, design new characters, redesign old ones, and build worlds.

from $ 7.00
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Hello! I am Idris and I like to draw Sketches, Lineart, Flat Colour, Full Colour and Shaded commissions! Including Animated Icons and Reference Sheets! I also draw Full Body Chibis too. And I make music as well! ^.=.^

from $ 15.00 to $ 20.00
Matched: Icon

Important! :

If you don't have a CLEAR/ACCURATE description/design/don't finished reference sheet of your character that have all the details corrects I will NOT work for you due to you correcting me various time. If you want to work with a not completed character you will have to pay EXTRA for all changes it may have.

Please have on mind that I mostly do drawings of females/femenine body types. I can go on and learn how to do masculine figures or even bara males BUT they're NOT my special abillity.

By commissioning me you consent to my style and method of art: A big factor of my art style is color and lighting. This means that while I will always use the proper base colors from your references, my style of SHADING AND LIGHTING will often result in slightly different or added colors due to how colors/lighting interact with one another which is what makes art pop. If this is a concern of yours you are advised to either get only flat commissions from me or choose another artist. I like my work to pop out of the screen.


-Babyfurs/Diaper furs.
-Extremely fat furs(As in morbidly obese)
-Extremely thin furs(As in anorectic)
-Guns or things like those. (Unless you pay extra for them)


-Herm, femboy, curvy boys or girls, thick, Androgynous furs, etc.
-Lesbian/heterosexual couples
-Pin up
-Sexual themes


-Well, mostly everthing that is not listed on the "won't do" list.

Other details:

-I charge extra for working off description because it is extremely tedious for varying reasons(We will likely NOT see the same vision at all.)
-If you want to put a "deadline" for your comission tell me inmediatly instead of rushing, these one's have an extra charge since I would have to put them in an special order.

-I don't work with rushing clients. If you rush me I will send you one polite warning. But if you insist I may block and ban you from all my content as comissions, YCH's, adop's or anything after finishing your commission.

what is considered rushing?: " it's been two days, I'm here to know about my commission, I want an update." "Hey it's been a week, gime me something!" "I want a work in progress now" "It's been four days, have you forgotten my commission?!" etc. You should wait at least a three weeks before nudging me about things. If you're impatient and you want art fast, please contac other artist.

-DO NOT send me a wall of text with your commission inquiry. It doesn’t benefit me at all to know that your character hails from the land of La.
-You are welcome to repost the art you buy as long as you credit back to me!
-Do not alter my artwork and NEVER pay another artist to alter/color my work. If you do this and I notice, I will block you inmediatly and also tell other artist about this so they don't have the same bad moment.

Sketch Check/Revisions:

-If the commission it's an sketch I will not give you a pre sketch and there will no changes for free.
-For any work that is more than a sketch(Unless otherwise stated). You will get an initial sketch check free of charge.
-You get 2 sketch revisions free as well.
-After your initial 2 revisions, Unless the mistake was my fault, you will either pay 5 dollars for each consecutive revision or I will refund you and edit+resell your work.

Example of costly revision: 2 revisions later. You decide you want spirals of water or magic that you did NOT specify before. You will then be charged. Revision price increases the more you ask for them so be CLEAR with what you want your first time around!


-100% Payment is required upfront.
-Tips are welcome and very much appreciated
-Price varies dependent on what it is you are looking to get.
-You MUST pay the paypal commission that cost a 5,4% + $0.30 to my country (CHILE)
**Calculate here:;m=0&c=0

Complexity fees
-Feathered wings +$15
-Dragon/Bat wings +$10
-Multiple Horns +Varies on how they are.
-Complex hairstyles + varies depending on complexity to me.
-Simple background + $30
-Complex background + $50 or more depending on how mucho complex.

I reserve the right to decline a commission if the character it's to complicated to me. I also reserve the right to add minor fees such as the above if an unforeseen complexity arises.

Other info:

-Estimated time of completion: 1 to 3 weeks. I have a life outside of art, respect that. Do not rush me. If you are highly impatient. Do not commission me at all. I will always try to take less than a month to get you your FULLY PAID for work assuming you’re being respectful of my time.
-If you cancell your commission I will refund you a PARTIAL of the full price depending on what stage the drawing was.
-I will not draw in another person’s style
-Do NOT bother me about your commission if have only been 5/8 days.

  • I DO NOT work in commission que order. I may sketch them all out first. I may fully do one, sketch out another, and full do a different one. It’s to keep my interest up. As I said, If you need yours done asap then you need to let me know up front.

Refusal of Service

-I have full rith to refuse service under any circumstance.
-If you want me to do something I don't like, I have completly right to refuse to it.
-If you're disrespectful or offend me I will refuse your commission.


from $ 15.00
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I only accept half payment upfront; rest of the payment is to be sent after completion. I will watermark the image until it is fully paid for.

Keep in mind that at times I will NOT post the finished commission to my account if it is of an adult nature. However you are free to post the image yourself anywhere you want. If you buy art from me; it is yours, you can do whatever you want to with it just don't sell it in any way. (prints etc)

Will do:
Artistic nudity
Solo images/pinups
Feral (non sexual)
Human and human like
Please inquire for any fetish like images some I am not comfortable with but don't be afraid to ask!

Will NOT do:

from $ 5.00
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Heyo! If you’re looking for someone to draw your character/idea, then look no further! My prices are relatively low, and my turnaround time is usually less than a few days (assuming our communication is smooth!) Please take the time to read my ToS if you’re interested:

•RobotShrimp’s Commission TOS/Info•

Remember, not reading these IS NOT an excuse to violate them!

••You, as my customer, have a RIGHT to:••

• Receiving the completed commission that you ordered
• PARTIAL refunds if your commission hasn’t already been completed
• Approve/disapprove each stage of your commission, AND request specific changes that need to be made
• Ask questions, receive updates, and overall information about the progress of your commission
• Request ROUGH ESTIMATES on completion time
• Be treated with respect

••You, as my Customer, have the RESPONSIBILITY to:••

• CLEARLY communicate what you’re hoping to commission
• Be SPECIFIC about any changes you need to your commission
• Have a GOOD reference of the character(s) that your commissioning artwork for.
• Inform me of any potential communication roadblocks you may face!
• Be HONEST about changes you want on your commission. Remember, you’re paying for this! It’s not “pushy” to want it done correctly :)
• Follow my ToS!

••You, as my customer, may NOT:••

• Demand free upgrades to commissions
• Demand personal information (about myself or past customers)
• Demand special treatment/prices
• Demand full refunds on commissions that have already been started
• RP during your communication (yes I’ve had this issue lol)
• Set unrealistic and unreasonable deadlines
• Act hostile

••I, as the artist, have the RIGHT to:•••

• Deny your commission for any reason
• Request clarification on certain details/requests/changes!
• Cancel commissions and give PARTIAL refunds in the event I am absolutely unable to complete them.
• Receive the correct payment
• Request additional payment for complicated characters or orders
• Take REASONABLE breaks
• Be treated with respect

••I, as the artist, have the RESPONSIBILITY to:••

• Work on the commission that you’ve ordered
• Communicate regularly and inform you of any potential roadblocks in my communication
• Keep track of who’s commissioning what
• Make changes that you’ve requested.

••I, as the artist, may NOT:••

• Demand personal information such as sexuality, race, gender, ect.
• Cancel a commission without first informing you of why
• Cancel partially completed commissions without a partial refund
• Give out any information about you, even if someone specifically asks me for it
• Take unreasonable breaks
• Set unreasonable deadlines
• Act hostile

••More IMPORTANT information!:••

• As these are commissions, the artwork might not reflect my views on the topics or people depicted.
• I’m not online 24/7, and am more likely to be busy during the day due to life :)
• Unless specifically requested not to, your commission might be used as a future example of my work.
• Prices for additional characters are for the same piece. Buying a separate piece for them requires paying the original base price again.

••What I CAN do••

• Anthros
• Feral
• Humans/humanoids
• Simple mechs or cyborgs (Megaman characters can give you an Idea of what I’m comfortable with lol)
• Light or stylized gore (such as candy gore)
• “Regular” gore (guts, blood, body horror, ect.) keeping in mind I might decline if I’m uncomfortable with it
• If you’re unsure, feel free to ask!

••What I will NOT/CAN’T do••

• NSFW 18+ of any sort, even if it’s a “clean” fetish
• Hate Speech
• Political pieces
• Artwork that promotes harmful behaviors or ideas (Pedophillia, Racism, Self harm, ect)
• Requests for specific artist’s styles.
• Babyfurs
• Heavily detailed mechs (like transformers and similar bots) Note that I’m definitely open to this if you’re okay with me simplifying the design a bit!

•••Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to working with you in the future! ^_^•••

from $ 12.00
Matched: Icons


MY TOS, read that before commissioning me:

PAYPAL EMAIL: Lildottiejr[at]


Better look at Digital port/icon examples:

Better look at Linearts

Better look at flatcolored

Better look at Cellshadedd

Better look at Lineart shaded art

Better Look at full CGs:

Better look at references

Better look at the couple pic references: (SOME ARE MATURE):
and more than 2

from € 10.00 (Approx. $ 11.07)
Matched: Icon

Telegram Sticker Pack:
) 10€\Sticker
) At least 5 Sticker/Pack
) Every Pack includes a thematic 'made by Rivvil' Sticker

) 100x100px 10€
) 300x300px 15€
) Kombi pack 20€

) Starting price 40€
) Prices rise with complexity of the picture

Rivvils Terms of Service

How to get a Comission:

) Check my Profile if Comissions are currently open
) Send me a note with what you'd like to have. Preferably as detailed as possible, including references so I can tell if it's in my range or not.
) I remain the right to refuse a prompt for any reasons.
) You'll get a Thumbnail free of charge, based on your prompt. The price of the finished piece will also be specified with this thumb.
) At this point full payment is necessary to move forward. Payment plans may be agreed upon.
) You'll get a detailed Sketch and semiregular updates during the shading process.


Mostly through my galleries or email (


You may request a refund at any time. Full refunds are only available till the detailed Sketch has been finished and approved. Once the shading stage has begun, refunds will be partial based on the amount of time far spent on the artwork. The more time invested in the piece, the smaller the refund will be.
Once a refund is requested, I will send back the current state of the work on the commission, and inform you of the portion of payment that will be refunded.
I reserve the right to cancel a commission for any reason, at any given time. A refund will be given, at an amount which reflects the time spent thus far.

Rights of Use:

You retain all rights to the characters of your own creation used within the commissioned work. By requesting a commission, you are allowing me the right to draw your character for the purposes of the requested work. As the artist, I retain full rights to the artwork produced.
You are not permitted to make any modifications to the artwork except for the following:

) Crops to much smaller forms such as icons for use on online sites or services
) small personal banners for non-commercial signature art
) Personal, non-commercial prints

You may post the completed work to your personal gallery as long as the work is unedited and full, clear credit is given to me with a link back to my work.

Misc. Info:

) I have a full time job, so progress might be slow.
) I retain the right to post the finished piece to my Galleries and use them as examples in future Pricesheets.
) It's possible to keep a comission private, though you'll need to specify this during the prompt.

I probably forgot something so changes might happen at any time!


from $ 14.00 to $ 42.00
Matched: Icon


  • Half first, rest when finished.
  • Must be open to discussion through notes, email, or dms.
  • Read Terms of Service

Will Do's
-Fan made characters
-Robots/Mechs (excluding naturalistic right now)
-Game Characters/Interpretations of Game Characters
-Self insert Ships
-WoW OCs
-Customized Characters

Won't Do's:
-Undertale (may be discussed at a later time)
-Incest ships
-Hate Art
-Steven Universe
-piss, scat, diaper kink, vomit
-Wonder Bread

(traditional pieces will need some sort of mailing address unless you do not want the full copy and just the photo)
Payments: PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Amazon Card Codes, and Steam cards/games. Preferably Paypal, CashApp, or Venmo.
Terms of Service:
Disclaimer: I may take time to complete commissions due to my health, both physical and mental, being out of whack. They will be finished.

If you want a commission but cannot afford these ones, there are my Ko-fi thank you sketch pieces.
6 to 9$ for a head or bust
12 to 15$ for waist or full body
18 to 30$ for extra and so forth
YCHs which range from 7 to 30+$

Those on my patreon and/or discord servers will get discounts on commissions.

-Discord links must be asked for, for they are temporary links I will give-

from $ 15.00
Matched: Icon

---Commission Info/Guidelines-----

1.) You ask/submit for a commission either on this site via PM or you can email me at: squarerootofdestiny[at]

This is also my paypal account^ which I only accept USD currency. If you want to pay me using another method contact me and we'll figure it out.

2.) If you decide that you want to commission me provide the following information before sending your money:

a.) The type of commission
--- (ie: headshot or full body nsfw? color? black and white?)

b.) How many characters?
--(prices vary if there's more than one. see above)

c.) What is the mood of the picture?
----(do you want it to be happy? sexy? sad? scary? ect.)

d.)List any other relevant info/pictures that you think might help me give you the best picture I can!

3.) Be respectful and polite. I usually get my commissions done within one or two days you submit it (unless i message you otherwise), but I will not hesitate to refund you without any art and end our business if you harass, curse, or slander me.

4). Only two free redos are allowed once we're in the inking stage, any more than that and I will be forced charge you extra about $5.00 MINIMUM depending on how much work is needed.

5.) I have the right to say no to your commission so please ask me about what you want drawn beforehand. Once I approve of your picture, you may tell me your paypal email address where I will be able to send you an invoice for payment. Note, you may either pay for your commission in full or HALF in the beginning and the latter half when your picture is complete. Only when at least half of your drawing has been paid for will I begin sketching your commission. Within seven days you will receive the sketch via email to look over for approval, then the inks, ect.

6.) I love drawing OCs/Sonas. However should you have NO actual reference images of your OCs/Sonas, then you will be charged an additional $30.00 USD design fee. This price would be added on top of whatever type of commission you're looking for. Inspirational/Aesthetic images don't count as 'reference'. Unless you have an ACTUAL picture of how 'exactly' your OC/Sona should look like, you will be charged extra. Note, SMALL changes to existing drawings of your character (ie: out of date character charts, simple changes to the colors or hair, ect.) are not eligible for a design fee. Again, SMALL changes are the only exceptions.

If you have multiple characters without a solid design, then the $30.00 USD is charged PER character on top of the commission price.

You may of course provide as many images of the type of clothing/armor your character will wear. No fee is charged for that, unless you need me to design the ENTIRE ensemble from a bunch of different reference photos.

Do not hesitate to ask if you character/Sona is eligible for this design fee!!! There are exceptions here and there!

7.) If you are interested in Sona/Self commissions note that there aren't any 'special' prices for them. What you see below is what you get, and they are limited to 10 slots per month. Any other type of commission does not require slots. (PM/email me for more info on Sona/Self images)

8.) My paypal account/email again is squarerootofdestiny[at]

from $ 5.00
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Icons (Headshot (No color) ONLY)
Icons (HEADSHOT (color ) are $10
Icons (body and color) $15
Full Body with color $30
Full body with no color $20

from $ 15.00
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Ground rules apply to all commission types. By seeking to purchase a commission from me, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in the Commissioner and Artist Conduct Agreement.

❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧ I WILL DRAW ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧
✓ Humans, Furry, Anthro, Ferals, Monsters, etc.
✓ SFW and NSFW including fetish art! Please ask about others if you're unsure!
✓ Gore, violence, drug/alcohol use!
✓ Fanart!
✓ Character References, Expression Sheets, GIFs and custom adoptables!
✓ Backgrounds of any kind - additional fees may apply per complexity - reference photos/inspiration moodboard greatly appreciated!

❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧ I WILL NOT DRAW ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧
X Fetish art for: Copro/Farting, Pregnancy and Noncon/Dubcon
X Underage characters - please keep characters 18+ at the very least for all commissions including sfw!

Please be sure to read my Commissioner and Artist Conduct Agreement!

from C$ 10.00 (Approx. $ 7.54)
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Each price is on a per-character basis.
Pencil Sketch: $5.00
Greyscale: $15.00
Flat Color: $20.00
Shaded: $25.00
Grey, flat and shaded Icons: $15.00
Detailed backgrounds: $5.00 for Pencil Sketches, $25.00 otherwise (CAD)
Will draw:
Non-sexual violence
Body Horror
Will not draw:
Cubs/underage characters
Extreme musk (clouds and stink lines)
Any depiction of racism, homophobia, or transphobia.
Nazism (except in the form of being punched)
“Futanari”, “C-boi”, or “Herm” characters. (Intersex and trans characters are alright)
If you don’t see a situation on here, feel free to message me.

from $ 10.00
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Hello! Thank you for being possibly interested in buying a drawing off me! This bit's just the clarify how I like to go about the commission process and how payments work.

  • Payment is usually done through paypal, and I will send an invoice to your paypal email address.
  • The point in the process you'd prefer to pay me is up to you, although I am used to be paid once the sketch phase is cleared to be lined/coloured.
  • Once the work is finished I will only release the full resolution unwatermarked version once payment has been completed.

Normally I will send along sketches and initial passes as I made them to make sure the pose and overall tone is in line with what you want. How often this happens depends on the complexity of the peice, and your personal preference on how much oversight you want.

As with most commissions: the more information and reference material you can give me about what you want the better.

As for NSFW limits: most forms of pornography or dark subject matter are fine. Obviously I have preference for drawing cute critters and shortstacks.

I will not draw characters who are very patently or stated to be underage, this includes themes of ageplay and infantilism. Obviously Weasyl doesn't allow this to begin with, but it's worth re-affirming.

Also I might decline some more extreme fetishes, although you'll need to ask me about that. Hard vore, heavy inflation, and scat spring to mind as stuff I'll likely decline. If in doubt, just ask!

from € 5.00 to € 10.00 (Approx. $ 5.53 to $ 11.07)
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from $ 10.00 to $ 15.00
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All of my commissions are shaded and highlighted unless asked for otherwise! I can do multiple styles - complex styles may affect price! I'm open to any gender and any species! Add an additional character for 75% of the base price!


Custom commissions are always welcome! Message me with any questions or concerns you may have and I'll do my very best to answer them! <3


from C$ 10.00 (Approx. $ 7.54)
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There are two different art styles being provided. A hard edged style and a more softer style. Please be clear which style you would like done.

ToS can be found ▶ HERE

from $ 5.00
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Extras? Ask!!
NSFW? $5 or $10 for Full
Extra characters are 75% more each

from $ 14.00
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Small Bust Image - $14 (w/pet $16)
Large Bust Image - $$18 (w/pet $22)

from $ 10.00
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