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from $ 10.00 to $ 30.00
Types Available: 1. Basic Sketch, 2. Shaded Sketch, 3. Line Art, 4. Flat Color, 5. Full Color Shading, 6. Conbadge, 7. Icon, 8. Telegram Sticker

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from $ 15.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Flat Color, Icons, Lines, Monochrome, Reference, Telegram Stickers

Prices are assumed as Fullbody.
Busts, WaistUp, and 3/4Body are reduced price
Backgrounds & character complexity will factor into final prices
Full commission info

(defined as "Starting over")
If you change your mind about your artwork, the first revision is free
Any later revisions will cost an extra 75% of the commission price
No charge for minor revisions ( clothing or body part adjustments )

USD only via Paypal invoice
Refunds are handled on a case by case basis

from $ 10.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Badge, Fullbody, Headshot

I do SFW and NSFW stuff including fetishes like vore and macro. Will NOT draw: scat/piss,my little pony and babyfur.

I currently have no pics to show you on this site but here is a link to my fa (commissions get sent ot scraps aftere w while so check there too)

from $ 10.00 to $ 15.00
Types Available: sakroe's commissions 2018

if you'd like a commissions kindly fill this up:

You can add up to 4 additional characters for a maximum of 5 characters in an artwork.
Each extra character is 50% of the base character price, depending on which grade is chosen.

Depending on complexity of the commission artwork, a creative charge may be applied and will scale accordingly.

from $ 30.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Drawings

All commissions include solid/transparent/pattern background. Can be upgraded to "painted" style for $5-10 extra. Full body pin-ups can be designed for a dakimakura for $15. No gore, scat, cub, beast, or noncon.

from $ 16.00
Types Available: Shaded

Lines only: $8
Lines & shading: $16

I'll draw anything that's not too extreme. Macro, hyper, muscle, etc. are fine. Basically, anything similar to what's already in my gallery.

from $ 45.00
Types Available: Toony Drawing

See my Commissions gallery folder for examples of what I’ve done. Each one has the commission type shown in the description.

If I don’t have prices listed for a format you’re interested in, feel free to ask for a quote and I’ll let you know if that option is available. This includes things like badges, icons, headshots, etc.

Commission Process:

If you’re interested, send me a private message. Once I’ve confirmed that I’m available and you’ve decided that you would like a commission, I handle all official communications about commissions over E-mail. If you would like me to send you a PM every time I E-mail you so that you know to check it, let me know.

I send PayPal invoices by E-mail. Payment is due after we finalize details, before I begin the drawing.

I don’t send Work In Progress (WIP) updates for review or offer major revisions, so please make sure you give me all relevant information and reference images before payment is sent. Anything left unspecified will be considered open to artistic license and won’t be modifiable once work has begun. Sorry if this is inconvenient, but I often finish projects in one sitting, and my workflow just doesn’t lend itself well to alterations.

I’ll post the finished work to my galleries at the same time I send you the full-resolution file by E-mail. However, minor edits like marking corrections can still be made, so don’t be shy about sending me a response E-mail letting me know if I missed something on your character ref.

Complexity charges might be added for images with time-consuming features.

Content Notes:

Characters that take up a very small portion of the image (like the gecko in this drawing) or are mostly not visible (like the prey here) won’t result in the full Extra Character fee. I’ll need to determine the exact price on a case-by-case basis, though.

I currently don’t offer commissions with visible genitals or nipples. All drawings should be suitable for a General rating.

Non-kink commissions are welcome.

Kinks other than the ones I usually draw are often welcome, but there are a few topics I’ll turn down (such as body waste, rape, and underage characters). If you would like to know what my policy is on a specific topic, feel free to ask.


from $ 15.00 to $ 60.00
Types Available: Stuff I do

If you are unable to view commission prices there:

Sketches are $15 (+10 per extra character)
Inked and colored is $30 (+20)
Fully shaded is $40 (+25)
And high detail level shaded is $60 (+30)

Add a basic background for $20 or high detailed one for $50, otherwise very simple/no backgrounds are free~

I'm open to doing a lot of different stuff, just ask if you're unsure!

from $ 15.00
Types Available: Story

Price of all story commissions is $2.50 per 100 words. I write a wide variety of topics, including weight-gain, vore, inflation, micro/macro, transformation, and gore! The full Terms of Service can be found here.

from $ 15.00
Types Available: Design consultations

I like to consider myself a talented writer, I've been at it in one form or another for well over a decade. this encompasses stories both plot driven and lewd, detailed character bios and species descriptions and even business related literature. I tend to be more active on my FA, so it's easier to catch me there.

So I feel I can handle almost any sort of writing you might want, from a naughty story, to an entirely clean epic. I'm more than happy to lend my expertise in creature creation and biology out as well, to sit and brainstorm and build something like I have for my own creatures.

That being said, my expertise lies in the realm of harder scifi, as well as my interest. You'll get a lot more out of me with ideas that fall closer to that field.

For lewd stuff, naturally I will write better when things interest me. If you want to know what that is, you can check my F-list. Though I can tray outside my comfort zones at least a bit and still deliver a good product. But now onto a few bullet points.

  • As will all artists, I reserve the right to decline for any reason.
  • After completion, you may post the story/texts anywhere you like, but please do credit me (and any artists who's work was used).
  • Work that has been completed can not be refunded.
  • I will do my utmost to complete any job I undertake, but if for some reason I can't I will refund it 100%
  • Payment is due up-front, before any work is started.
  • Payment is taken through paypal, I will invoice you once the commission is laid out and a price settled on.

Full Commission TOS

You can see all my stories here:

And non story writing here:

That should be about it, you can note me for more info. But once the commission is started, I will likely move things to email or Discord as the FA notes system is not great.


I charge best on the word count agreed upon before starting. Generally the set-up for stories requires more intensive work and talking to you ,the client. so initial costs tend to be higher. But padding out a story after the premise and characters are all set up is a bit more easy, so there's a bit of a bell-curve to my pricing. I charge different amounts based on if the story is fetish driven smut or more story driven content, see my prices for details.

For YCH stories, since the premise is mostly set and they are generally always ideas I enjoy with more control in my hands, I offer a large discount. Check my gallery and journals for open YCH ideas. If there are none available, this commission type is likely closed, but feel free to inquire and ask if I have any ideas bouncing around.

For an example of a block of 500 words:

Design consultation:

This is a bit different from the other types, as it involves live 1:1 (usually, it can be more than 1:1 if the situation calls for it, IE an artist joining in for information on drawing.) But in the most basic of terms, I will work directly with you on a species or character design and backstory. (Hell, it could be a ship, mech or even the basis of a story world.)

But via live chat (voice or text.) We will hash out ideas and designs and get them down in text and possibly image form as well. (Assuming you bring a visual artist, or are visual artist!) As this is based on live time, I charge based on hours for this. My rate is 15 USD per hour, I will use a publicly view-able stopwatch to clock hours in. And time will pause if one of us needs to step away, until we resume.

After talking the project over, I will quote you an estimate for how long I think it will take. And once payment is processed we can move from there. If time runs out before we're finished, I'm happy to extend things. If we're really close, I'll probably let it run over for free. (IE 30 mins or less) Otherwise we will need to work out a proper extension.

  • I will not likely allot more than 8 hours in one go for this.
  • Due to the nature of this work, I will only refund for hours unspent. You will of course be free to keep anything we did during the spent hours, providing credit work the work is given.

Art for Stories:

I'm perfectly happy to exchange art for stories for any story involving one of my characters who will be included in the artwork. (Or hell, if you are and artist and just want to draw one of my characters, or a non-artist who wants to commission one of my characters in exchange for a story, that's fine too.)

I tend to match story word-count dollar for dollar with the price of the art (as if it were a commission, if it wasn't commissioned) to keep the trade as equal as possible. But I'm willing to talk out an agreement.

Due to the nature of this, any fixed rates aren't possible. But my normal T&C do apply.

from $ 30.00 to $ 40.00
Types Available: Reference

If interested in a reference sheet, please contact me somewhere.

from $ 50.00 to $ 100.00
Types Available: Fullbody

Now put the commission data:

Full "50usd" :

Normal "30usd" :

Add a Character: +10usd

Let's start

Slots Available:

Now put the commission data:

Full "50usd" :

Normal "30usd" :

Add a Character: +10usd

Let's start

Slots Available:

1- RaveDragon67

2- ctrlaltdel123





























from $ 14.00
Types Available: Story

Yep, it's time once again! Mimic Kairatta ( ) and I are doing stories!

Pricing is a flat rate of $14 per 1,000 words. Again, no limit for how long a commissioned story can be, only that you agree to increments of 1,000 at a time at $14 for each increment.

In addition to the above, you will also get a nice inked cover image, done by Mimic, to compliment your story! Just pick what scene from the fic you want depicted and it shall be done at no extra charge!

Terms of Service

See below for refs of Mimic's inked work. This is what you'll be getting for the cover:

The story and the image cannot contain the following:

  • Scat

  • Vore

  • Watersports

  • Diapers

  • Babies

  • Excessive gore

  • Snuff

  • Loli


Payment is to be sent up front via paypal to vadrigar2001[at] upon agreeing on what length you want your story to be and what image you want for the cover. Once we have received the payment we will begin work on your comm. If you decide you want a longer fic or you want the cover image to be colored or shaded those will all be extra charges.

from $ 15.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Icon

Important! :

If you don't have a CLEAR/ACCURATE description/design/don't finished reference sheet of your character that have all the details corrects I will NOT work for you due to you correcting me various time. If you want to work with a not completed character you will have to pay EXTRA for all changes it may have.

Please have on mind that I mostly do drawings of females/femenine body types. I can go on and learn how to do masculine figures or even bara males BUT they're NOT my special abillity.

By commissioning me you consent to my style and method of art: A big factor of my art style is color and lighting. This means that while I will always use the proper base colors from your references, my style of SHADING AND LIGHTING will often result in slightly different or added colors due to how colors/lighting interact with one another which is what makes art pop. If this is a concern of yours you are advised to either get only flat commissions from me or choose another artist. I like my work to pop out of the screen.


-Babyfurs/Diaper furs.
-Extremely fat furs(As in morbidly obese)
-Extremely thin furs(As in anorectic)
-Guns or things like those. (Unless you pay extra for them)


-Herm, femboy, curvy boys or girls, thick, Androgynous furs, etc.
-Lesbian/heterosexual couples
-Pin up
-Sexual themes


-Well, mostly everthing that is not listed on the "won't do" list.

Other details:

-I charge extra for working off description because it is extremely tedious for varying reasons(We will likely NOT see the same vision at all.)
-If you want to put a "deadline" for your comission tell me inmediatly instead of rushing, these one's have an extra charge since I would have to put them in an special order.

-I don't work with rushing clients. If you rush me I will send you one polite warning. But if you insist I may block and ban you from all my content as comissions, YCH's, adop's or anything after finishing your commission.

what is considered rushing?: " it's been two days, I'm here to know about my commission, I want an update." "Hey it's been a week, gime me something!" "I want a work in progress now" "It's been four days, have you forgotten my commission?!" etc. You should wait at least a three weeks before nudging me about things. If you're impatient and you want art fast, please contac other artist.

-DO NOT send me a wall of text with your commission inquiry. It doesn’t benefit me at all to know that your character hails from the land of La.
-You are welcome to repost the art you buy as long as you credit back to me!
-Do not alter my artwork and NEVER pay another artist to alter/color my work. If you do this and I notice, I will block you inmediatly and also tell other artist about this so they don't have the same bad moment.

Sketch Check/Revisions:

-If the commission it's an sketch I will not give you a pre sketch and there will no changes for free.
-For any work that is more than a sketch(Unless otherwise stated). You will get an initial sketch check free of charge.
-You get 2 sketch revisions free as well.
-After your initial 2 revisions, Unless the mistake was my fault, you will either pay 5 dollars for each consecutive revision or I will refund you and edit+resell your work.

Example of costly revision: 2 revisions later. You decide you want spirals of water or magic that you did NOT specify before. You will then be charged. Revision price increases the more you ask for them so be CLEAR with what you want your first time around!


-100% Payment is required upfront.
-Tips are welcome and very much appreciated
-Price varies dependent on what it is you are looking to get.
-You MUST pay the paypal commission that cost a 5,4% + $0.30 to my country (CHILE)
**Calculate here:;m=0&c=0

Complexity fees
-Feathered wings +$15
-Dragon/Bat wings +$10
-Multiple Horns +Varies on how they are.
-Complex hairstyles + varies depending on complexity to me.
-Simple background + $30
-Complex background + $50 or more depending on how mucho complex.

I reserve the right to decline a commission if the character it's to complicated to me. I also reserve the right to add minor fees such as the above if an unforeseen complexity arises.

Other info:

-Estimated time of completion: 1 to 3 weeks. I have a life outside of art, respect that. Do not rush me. If you are highly impatient. Do not commission me at all. I will always try to take less than a month to get you your FULLY PAID for work assuming you’re being respectful of my time.
-If you cancell your commission I will refund you a PARTIAL of the full price depending on what stage the drawing was.
-I will not draw in another person’s style
-Do NOT bother me about your commission if have only been 5/8 days.

  • I DO NOT work in commission que order. I may sketch them all out first. I may fully do one, sketch out another, and full do a different one. It’s to keep my interest up. As I said, If you need yours done asap then you need to let me know up front.

Refusal of Service

-I have full rith to refuse service under any circumstance.
-If you want me to do something I don't like, I have completly right to refuse to it.
-If you're disrespectful or offend me I will refuse your commission.


from $ 10.00 to $ 60.00
Types Available: Digital Painting, Flat color, Flat/Soft Shading

I’ve opened for commissions. There are 10 slots available for the first wave.

I only accept Jenius, BCA, and/or PayPal. USD and IDR only.

I will draw: fan art, humans, anthros, furries, robots, androids, mechs, original character, sonic art, sona’s, fan characters, cartoons, manga, anime, military, NSFW, and edgy stuff.

I Won’t Draw: ferals, propaganda, hate art, and hyper realism.

DM/PM me if interested, or email me through last69skulls[at]

For full details & rules:

Shares are appreciated! ^^

from $ 10.00 to $ 25.00
Types Available: Refined Sketch, Rough Sketch

For detailed info, please see my listings at:

from € 15.00 to € 65.00 (Approx. $ 16.55 to $ 71.70)
Types Available: Digital

If you're interested in commissioning me please check the following info

from $ 10.00
Types Available: Chibi

I am accepting Commissions but the only commissions I am opening right now is Chibis. They are 10$ each.

from $ 10.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Background, Fullbody, Headshots & Bust


from $ 20.00 to $ 45.00
Types Available: Flat color, ink, Sketch

My prices are per character is drawn. so two characters in a sketch will be $40 total instead of $20.

I will draw: hentai, pinup, safe for work, original character, and anthropomorphic.

I refuse to draw: complex robots/mecha, scat/gore/pee/smell, underage minors, complex backgrounds.

I can be contacted via or via discord with penlink#2771.
Only paypal or is accepted. Do not send payment until I say to do so.

from $ 12.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Flat Colors, Sketch, Telegram Stickers
No description provided
from $ 15.00 to $ 40.00
Types Available: Icon, Waist-Up +$15.00 USD per additional character------+$10.00 USD for NSFW

---Commission Info/Guidelines-----

1.) You ask/submit for a commission either on this site via PM or you can email me at: squarerootofdestiny[at]

This is also my paypal account^ which I only accept USD currency. If you want to pay me using another method contact me and we'll figure it out.

2.) If you decide that you want to commission me provide the following information before sending your money:

a.) The type of commission
--- (ie: headshot or full body nsfw? color? black and white?)

b.) How many characters?
--(prices vary if there's more than one. see above)

c.) What is the mood of the picture?
----(do you want it to be happy? sexy? sad? scary? ect.)

d.)List any other relevant info/pictures that you think might help me give you the best picture I can!

3.) Be respectful and polite. I usually get my commissions done within one or two days you submit it (unless i message you otherwise), but I will not hesitate to refund you without any art and end our business if you harass, curse, or slander me.

4). Only two free redos are allowed once we're in the inking stage, any more than that and I will be forced charge you extra about $5.00 MINIMUM depending on how much work is needed.

5.) I have the right to say no to your commission so please ask me about what you want drawn beforehand. Once I approve of your picture, you may tell me your paypal email address where I will be able to send you an invoice for payment. Note, you may either pay for your commission in full or HALF in the beginning and the latter half when your picture is complete. Only when at least half of your drawing has been paid for will I begin sketching your commission. Within seven days you will receive the sketch via email to look over for approval, then the inks, ect.

6.) I love drawing OCs/Sonas. However should you have NO actual reference images of your OCs/Sonas, then you will be charged an additional $30.00 USD design fee. This price would be added on top of whatever type of commission you're looking for. Inspirational/Aesthetic images don't count as 'reference'. Unless you have an ACTUAL picture of how 'exactly' your OC/Sona should look like, you will be charged extra. Note, SMALL changes to existing drawings of your character (ie: out of date character charts, simple changes to the colors or hair, ect.) are not eligible for a design fee. Again, SMALL changes are the only exceptions.

If you have multiple characters without a solid design, then the $30.00 USD is charged PER character on top of the commission price.

You may of course provide as many images of the type of clothing/armor your character will wear. No fee is charged for that, unless you need me to design the ENTIRE ensemble from a bunch of different reference photos.

Do not hesitate to ask if you character/Sona is eligible for this design fee!!! There are exceptions here and there!

7.) If you are interested in Sona/Self commissions note that there aren't any 'special' prices for them. What you see below is what you get, and they are limited to 10 slots per month. Any other type of commission does not require slots. (PM/email me for more info on Sona/Self images)

8.) My paypal account/email again is squarerootofdestiny[at]

from $ 40.00
Types Available: Quickie Story


$80 USD for a minimum 3000 word story. Flat Rate.


$40 USD for a short (under 2500 words) one scene, one shot, vignette type deal.

from $ 15.00 to $ 40.00
Types Available: Pictures without Shading

All payments must be sent through Paypal under "goods and services".

Commissions ordered without a background will automatically be given a transparent background. I am willing to draw any assortment of characters/species. Lewd material is perfectly fine! I don't mind drawing sex and certain kinks may be refused, but overall I'm open minded. I'll play it by ear.
Please see my gallery for examples of my work! If you have any further questions, please feel free to message me. :-)
Tips are appreciated but not necessary.

from $ 12.00 to $ 17.00
Types Available: Colours with shading, Flat colours, not shading

Click this link to find out:

I promise you all that my prices are worth it.

from € 10.00 to € 40.00 (Approx. $ 11.03 to $ 44.12)
Types Available: Icon, Illustration

Telegram Sticker Pack:
) 10€\Sticker
) At least 5 Sticker/Pack
) Every Pack includes a thematic 'made by Rivvil' Sticker

) 100x100px 10€
) 300x300px 15€
) Kombi pack 20€

) Starting price 40€
) Prices rise with complexity of the picture

Rivvils Terms of Service

How to get a Comission:

) Check my Profile if Comissions are currently open
) Send me a note with what you'd like to have. Preferably as detailed as possible, including references so I can tell if it's in my range or not.
) I remain the right to refuse a prompt for any reasons.
) You'll get a Thumbnail free of charge, based on your prompt. The price of the finished piece will also be specified with this thumb.
) At this point full payment is necessary to move forward. Payment plans may be agreed upon.
) You'll get a detailed Sketch and semiregular updates during the shading process.


Mostly through my galleries or email (


You may request a refund at any time. Full refunds are only available till the detailed Sketch has been finished and approved. Once the shading stage has begun, refunds will be partial based on the amount of time far spent on the artwork. The more time invested in the piece, the smaller the refund will be.
Once a refund is requested, I will send back the current state of the work on the commission, and inform you of the portion of payment that will be refunded.
I reserve the right to cancel a commission for any reason, at any given time. A refund will be given, at an amount which reflects the time spent thus far.

Rights of Use:

You retain all rights to the characters of your own creation used within the commissioned work. By requesting a commission, you are allowing me the right to draw your character for the purposes of the requested work. As the artist, I retain full rights to the artwork produced.
You are not permitted to make any modifications to the artwork except for the following:

) Crops to much smaller forms such as icons for use on online sites or services
) small personal banners for non-commercial signature art
) Personal, non-commercial prints

You may post the completed work to your personal gallery as long as the work is unedited and full, clear credit is given to me with a link back to my work.

Misc. Info:

) I have a full time job, so progress might be slow.
) I retain the right to post the finished piece to my Galleries and use them as examples in future Pricesheets.
) It's possible to keep a comission private, though you'll need to specify this during the prompt.

I probably forgot something so changes might happen at any time!


from $ 20.00 to $ 210.00
Types Available: MiMi-art, Sketch, Portrait, Fullbody (with textural/simple/detailed bg)


What can I draw:
-all animals and fantastic creatures

Prefer and gladly take the order:
-deer, horses and other hoofed animals

Less interested and the order can last for a long time:
-realistic (close to realism) cats and dogs/wolves

I don't draw:

  • porn
  • fetishes
  • gore


  • Ref sheet of your character(s). Simple and teachable.
  • what type of drawing you want
  • what you want to see in the figure, may be some story or some pose, or you can let me think about it.
  • If you need the stages of work, say it in advance.
  • pay before on PayPal
  • wait. I can draw a very long time, sorry

Edits - After I finish drawing and something you might not like, you have only 3 free edits what you can use. After that you should pay for them. Price depends on the complexity of edit.

from $ 15.00 to $ 60.00
Types Available: Fullbody, Portrait/Bust Commissions, Z - Additional Characters

Just testing out, so it's kinda lacking of information on what need to be required, please contact me to discuss in more details.
I'm not very good at environment art, so if you insist, I can do background, but usually I'm not quite sure about it.

Adding lots of hair or accessories or clothes may make the piece become much more complex, so I may charge additional fees.

Willing to do NSFW content. Prefer straight & consent sex act or BDSM but not turn away other request.

-Sexual content involving minors (including cub.)
-Scat, flatulence, or diapers​.
-"​Hyper" body types (physically unrealistic/over-dramatic, includes inflation.)

from $ 12.00 to $ 75.00
Types Available: Cellshaded, Couple Commissions (Look at commission sheet for more prices), FLatcolored, Full Detail CG Digital art, Icons, References (Check Commission sheet for full prices), Shaded Lineart


MY TOS, read that before commissioning me:

PAYPAL EMAIL: Lildottiejr[at]


Better look at Digital port/icon examples:

Better look at Linearts

Better look at flatcolored

Better look at Cellshadedd

Better look at Lineart shaded art

Better Look at full CGs:

Better look at references

Better look at the couple pic references: (SOME ARE MATURE):
and more than 2

from $ 40.00
Types Available: WGs

A extra with my job, but this barely get anywhere