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Jackson / Male / Australia, mate

aka Z.E.D
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Right so i totally forgot to UPDATE current standings in regards to art :/ long story short my list of priorities right now is as follows: 1- School 2- Getting a job (not really my choice) 3- Getting family shiz together.. 4- Getting provisional 2 drivers license 5- Artsy art in my mind i would pre…

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School currently has me tied down with loads of work. Battle Field 3 Premium which i just bought is taking up A LOT of my time. Lack of sleep is making it hard to actually get motivated to draw. I'll make sure to fix this backlog of sketches from the past few days over the weekend. -Zxios

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>enter name...

So here we are! Finally got off my butt and registered a weasyl account.. while im not totally leaving all the other art sites im on (DA and FA), I would like to hopefully make this my new HQ! So far I like everything about this site! It's easy to use, visually pleasing and has a whole tonne of fea…