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Ugh, I apologize for the favebombing and brief comments. I've been slogging my way through over 11,000 submissions that have built up over the last 2 years, and I'm trying to give everything at least a quick look so I can see what you all have been up to. x-x

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So it's been like ... two years? XuX I didn't draw anything in all that time up until about a month ago, but things are stabilizing now and I finally have been putting pencil to paper again. I've got a billion private messages and comments to reply to, and I've been slowly making my way through the…

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Talk to me!

I have Steam and Skype! If you'd like a chattybuddy, both my Steam and Skype are Zuckerdachs. So come say hi! We can talk about dragons, butts, books, movies, gaaaames ... whatevs. Just let me know who you are! :3c

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Life changes and artblock advice.

So, as I mentioned earlier, sorry for the fave/comment bombing I just did. I went through well over a thousand submissions from the last few days alone. You guys are ridonk, man. I'm going from way too busy to ... not, suddenly. I had a wonderful job at an unbelievably cool and respected photojourn…

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Site Tips, User Recommendations, and Raffle Results!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in my raffle this morning! Had some genuinely wonderful entries from people, and it makes me so happy to see other users so enthusiastic about poking their ways around the site and learning the ropes. Hopefully some of the pointers and recommendations dow…

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A Welcome Raffle! (Closed!)

So now that the holidays are over with and my job has settled down some, I badly need to pick back up on my queue. I need something to warm up with, though, so I'm going to do a freebie as thanks for my watchers, both new and those who followed over from FA! As your "entry fee," please post 1. a th…

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Aaaand done~

There, all moved in, uploaded, formatted, and settled! Weasyl is a bit of an adjustment, but I think overall anything I might have taken issue with is something I can adjust to. Thanks for all the watches, guys! I look forward to a fun time here. :)

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My queue.

Below are my current trades and commissions. I will note my progress next to each one. I am a slow worker - but I promise I am slow because I am doing my best! Email me if you have any questions about your picture. I am always happy to give you scans of what I have done so far. If you should be her…

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Mann glad to be out of that pit of butts. I will be going through peoples' galleries to fave and comment soon. :3 So how are you? :D

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Terms of Service

All prices listed are baselines, and are subject to adjustment depending on complexity and content. I am also willing to negotiate – within reason. I reserve the right to decline any offer of business – though that will usually only happen if the character or subject is something I do not feel I co…