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Zircon Chariot

31 / Female

Commissions: Open
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1 month and 26 day update

I’ve been busy and yet it’s been too normal for a journal so I didn’t think to make one till now been reading a lot 37 books though many were childrens book read alongs on Tik tok taught myself how to knit just missing a tool to finish and if it comes out well I’ll do gnomes and sell them maybe but…

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Fan art free

I started really drawing in the 5th grade it was Digimon rip offs using neopets and stereotype characters, I did draw fan art here and there once I hit 7th grade however my art was primarily original from 2005-2013 I didn’t make fan characters or draw much if any fan art In November 2013 that chang…

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Never again

Ever want to post a reminder to yourself? Making this for myself with old art from 2016 based on 2014-2022 drama yes I’m counting this year yes I broke and contacted her when I shouldn’t have and it lead to more fighting 🙄 we’re back to being strangers back to myself artistically before 2009 but be…

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I draw for me now

“Just don’t copy us”! This sentence has been living rent free in my head so I want to squish it now, for eight years I drew for others I got ideas from them I drew for them etc but I haven’t done that in nine months and I don’t plan on ever doing that again I was offended they even would think I wo…

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I’m still here

Sorry for the lack of posts it’s been rough First on May 28 we tried to save a kitten and failed and it was sad that same night my nephews came to visit My hairdryer broke so while I have this awesome artwork Drawn out I’ve been to scared to paint it bc I can’t dry it right away Aside from that I’v…

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Opening commissions

My job is cutting hours we don’t have enough for car insurance and other things so I’m opening up commissions I have a pay pal and art skills so I figure why not try this

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2022 Art Goals

Inking -Work more with watercolor -Denounce DP once and for all remaking Polish night into Russian Darlings of Mary x Raca of all my OC's making it 100% Original -Take my time with Art less quick works and more long hour pieces -Learn how to use pastels more and blend better More art I love

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I've Hit a creative Wall

I've been posting art online since I was 15, in that time I've lost count of how many art accounts, blogs, and more I've made, how many other sites I've made in trying to find a site that I'd enjoy. I have out grown DeviantArt I've tried for 15 years to keep an account there and I just can't the dr…

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More trackers

On my Art station Account Favorite works part 1 20 Horses part 1 34 Horses part 2 12 Equestrian girls 10

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Important dates

11/14/21 I deactivated my DA account again 2021 Deactivated my Tumblr some time this year again April 1,2013 is my Weasyl anniversery August 17, 2018 is my main instagram account anniversery November 6, 2019 is my side Account for instagrams anniversery November 16, 2021 is my Nuimo account anniver…

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I live here now

I'm no longer allowed a DeviantArt account due to my Ex being on there and it being to tempting for me to check their account, Aside from that the platform is a breeding ground for drama which I'm trying very hard to avoid. So cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye I really will b…

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I'm back

My iPod died thus I can upload art on my computer as I'll be using it more be prepared for a lot of work as I haven't been here in quite a bit (cough year ago cough) however I' here now, again, I'll be spamming lots of art asap

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Art help

I’m wanting to make a new Gemsona based on my new worry stone but everything just comes off as a sapphire rip off. Would any fanartists out there be willing to help me? #stevenuniversefanart #StevenUniverse #gemsona

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May there be an update

First and For most I'm so sorry for being MIA for as long as I have it wasn't intentional. Now that I'm married I have to forge a new routine for myself as well as share my laptop with my husband as such its been tricky for me to post here but fear not I have Ten to Twenty four pictures to post and…

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Wedding Hiatus

I have 13 pictures and possibly more before the month is over that being said I won’t be posting till late March early April I’ll still be drawing even if I’m not posting I’ll be unable to post and even my art will go on Hiatus for two weeks in March I just thought where I posted most had a right t…