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Zgrooz / 36 / Male / NC

Commissions: Closed
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Back With Old Pictures

I'm thinking of coming back here on to this site, and I have a LOT of pictures since the last picture that I've uploaded here. For the sake of not violating any rules, I might be uploading 4 pictures at a time sparingly. So in the meantime, there will be a lot of uploads with some minimal descripti…

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Closing Up Shop For Now

I've decided that I'm going to close up on commissions for now, because lately I've been rather clouded up with things like work and life that it has been rather taxing on my motivation. So whenever I get done with the following commissions on the list, I won't be accepting any more commissions unt…

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Open For Commissions

Since I have been unemployed for over a month, and having trouble finding a good job, my money is starting to become scarce. So now I've decided that to open myself for commissions to at least have some sort of income until I may find myself a good job or at least have something for standby. The in…