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Zekromite / Female / Tyria

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Some update

Since my old HDD decided to commit seppuku, most of my old 3D WIPs are irrecoverable. I'll go and put down some of them in my gallery since I will not be able to finish them. And the lesson here, never procrastinate, lest you risk your computer to fail on you and lose everything... Burnt as I am, m…

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Should try practicing drawing and painting, but the only subjects I find for testing are the creatures from Monster Hunter. Oh well, if they serve the purpose of practicing drawing and painting, why not.

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Just updating

I managed to make my Wacom to work thanks to a troubleshooting video on Youtube. I'm currently working on my "digital avatar" thing. Suppose someone else would call it a fursona, despite I don't plan to add fur on it. Since nobody will draw me, I'll just "build me", lol. More updates will come mean…

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How to make my Wacom to like lefties?

Even with the last drivers, my Intuos4 completely ignores the fact that I put LEFT HAND on the preferences. Not sure if this is a bug or if there is a workaround to force it to like lefties :(

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Bleh, seems like the last CUDA update broke my 3D program and now I need to wait for them to patch it up before I can advance any of my WIPs. In the while, I'm thinking about my incoming Sonic the Hedgehog comic. Will people like it? Who knows, I'm not even sure myself.

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Need commissioners

I'm new to this of commissions. They say it is a good way to get some cash, so, I hope anyone is interested at what I have to offer. I need the $ to get me a new HDD before the one I have collapses for good; I'm tired of making backups in fear that it will die on me anytime soon. Will someone help…

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Sorry for the lack of updates

Well, belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and stuff. My computer has been passing for roughs times. Since November my computer was being a jerk of slow and freezing hiccups and around the 10th of December it ceased to work. I have been without a working computer since then, until January 1st in…

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Trying to get some sleep and motivation

Winter is very dark. Here we don't get snow but we get the cold. Rainy days that chokes the ground and makes it puke into the sea, trailing junk and other filth piled up at the ravines. Very bad days to get motivation for art. Hobbies should be entertaining, not a chore. I don't even have the motiv…