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(Beyonce Voice) God Damn,God Damn,God Damn!

My biggest pet-peeve about DA is when you upload something, and then you refresh and you're like "oh shit, someone has acknowledged me", then you check it, it says '[So-and-So] has added [dick pic] to FAVORITES', you check to see who this person is, and then you see a long ass mountain of comments…

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Summer Lovin', (I'm Hoping That I Will Be) Having' A Blast

With Summer Vacation impending onto me, I'm hoping to be less stressed about tiring school things and be able to create more interesting content. And Maybe I'll hold a few art streams over the break? Would you fine folks like that? My art skills might improve tenfold, or I might make something real…

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Digital Dry Spell

ok yeah so lately I haven't been chucking out art in the past few days (not really a few per-say but I can't really say weeks) (if you haven't noticed) I mean, "what's the deal?" Right? Well most of the time I've been doodling on solid paper (with actual pencils n pens) And IDK I just haven't been…