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Zecon19 / 37 / Female / Virgina

Draconic Rage
Commissions: Open
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HI all

Hi all! sorry for the long silence! it's been a hell of a year or so and things are still kinda weird. I'm currently open for commissions if anyone still wants any, since I need to help my fiance, with bills, plus I must save for his ring. We're getting married in December so I want to buy his ring…

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Open for commissions!

Letting everyone know now that I'm almost done with current commissions. I have one left of five line arts for a customer then I will be quite free. I have some older commissions to finish so I will work on those until more commissions come my way. If you like one please let me know :3 I'm in despe…

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Feb & March Low Prices Commission list UPDATE!!!

Okay guys I am full to the brim right now in commissions. when I finish them up I will post again that they are open. ty guys so much! and I hope I catch you again soon :D Siro 2.Decoy 3.Comet and Cynthia 4.Purgatory 5.Noodle 6.ColonelCraft 7.Tank Donnay Hannah Howe Xenon Raven Prowler7

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Feb & March Low Prices Commission list

It's a new low prices on Commissions time and I already have a few takers :D the prices are lower and theres a two character special as well! If your interested please visit the link below!! There are a few slots left so please be the one to fill them! weee!! Siro 2.Decoy 3.Comet and Cynthia 4.Purg…

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Two Week Low Commission Deals!!!

Okay I'm open with deals! Crazy deals until the 12 of Febuary! want to learn more? Please visit my page to learn more! woooo! Link: Open slots: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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Slots open for line cheap line art Sketches :D

Hi guys. Slots open for Cheap line art sketches from now until the 20th of this month! I'm very open and do work quick as soon as you pay. please go to the link below to learn more. Please fill my slots! .... that did not come our right :( link:…

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One week line art Price drop!

For one week of this month, 14 to 20th, I have low prices on my line art! :D please come on over and take a look on this link bellow; Link:

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Open for business, Commissions now open!

Hi my little hatchlings! I'm posting this on every media forum that I'm a part of :D to announce that I'm currently open for commissions! yes that's right! I'm now open to draw your character to your hearts desire! However I must warn you my prices have risen a bit, and to be fair, it had been in s…

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Hello my fellow furry butts! :3 this is Zecon Zimorian here, and I would like to say that I will be streaming on and off throughout the next few days. I will try to update this when I can, when I can, and hope you all come on for the ride :D. I will play movies, music, and my own lovely voice, as e…

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Streaming every week

Hello my lovely Dragonlings! Just letting you know that from now on, while I still have commissions to work on, I will be streaming every week. My usual time will be around noon or three. If you are interested in a commission please message me and I'll get right back to you about it :D. Every month…

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Commissions Open!!!

Hello my Draconic Fans! I'm sorry for the long delay! But here it is, an open Commission!! I'm starting school and my summer job is wrapping up, so I need something else to help me reach my goals. Please help a fellow dragon. >:D here is the link to my commission sheet. Please message me if your in…

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BushGardens Trip

Here is a very late video of my trip to Bushgardens Hollowscream. Also check out my other videos. I'm trying really hard to get back into my hobbies.