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ZealousRaptor / Herm / Canadurr

I have no catchphrase you crazy site >(
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Things are going goodly

I trimmed my contacts of toxic "friends" and i'm slowly coming to terms that i am just not that into my current friends at this moment, still thinking about it though I feel more comfortable with a new set of friends entirely, new settings, new environment, like recently began attending a new teams…

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Emphasis on real friends

So you ever have that friend that doesn't notice you until you poke them a couple hundred times? Yeah i'm not sure if they are ignoring me or just bad timing on my part, probably and most likely bad timing, i'm patient But one can only be patient for so long, you know they must have gotten that mes…

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Real friends

Real friends don't avoid you all the time, Real friends talk with each other, Real friends don't blatantly lie to you, Real friends don't leave you suddenly mid-sentence. Real friends don't hold grudges towards you, Real friends make up after having a bad fight, Real friends are supportive, even if…

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Hello world

I'm going to set up camp here and in the morning we're having waffles! dunno where else to post my work since everywhere else sucks :D