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Supreme Court Decision

Congratulations to Americans everywhere! Yesterday the Supreme Court took a huge step toward equality. I may not be gay, so it doesn't effect me, but I sure know a lot of gay people and I couldn't be happier for them.

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Saw Bill Maher Sunday Night

And meeeeeeeeeeeeh... I just got bored. At first I wasn't sure why. I mean Lewis Black does similar topics, and he made my face hurt from laughing. Also, I'm of like mind for the topics. Nothing w as offending me, or even challenging me. Then it hit me. Bill Maher wasn't acting like a comedian. Thi…

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Get To Know Me MEME

Because why the hell not? What's your real name? Joey--not Joe or Joseph--it says so on my birth certificate. How tall are you? 1.52 m / 5'10" What's your natural hair color? Brown What's your eye color? Hazel, which everyone seems to think means brown...it's not. What's your orientation? I follow…

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More art dumpin

Oh gods some of these are nearly 20 years old now. I should just say no, but I would like to save these outside of my personal computer in case there's a meltdown in the future.

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Art Dump

Trying to fill my Weasyl account with all I've got. I'm tired now, will continue later. Still getting through commissions/gifts/etc. After I will get to my own art. One thing at a time, and my stuff sucks so fun stuff first.