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Zanian / male / Montreal

The vision had overwhelmed them. Where I was seeing monsters... They were seeing salvation (Pindar, ex-member of the Church of the Immaculate Incubation
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Back to activies, somehow :P

I will be raising this account from the ashes; prepare yourself for more submissions =P Commissions are open What I will and will not do Any type of rating Any fetish, except cub/ underage character in any sexual situation No MLP themed story The commission prices -6,00$ by page (pages are written…

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Open for commissions

Seems like I will be using this site too, so I better get prepared :3 I'm a writer, crafter of words and creator of universes, ready to put my skills at the services of your desires and fantasies. What I will do. Any type of rating and any fetish (except the named exceptions). I can also write in f…