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Yarnix / Male / Australia

Unravel the art like a ball of yarn.
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Thinking of writing weasel stories

I can never find any good anthro stories about weasels. Their obviously my favourite little things in the world and I have no source of stories for them. Every story I find turns out to be some kind of smut where the weasel inflates and I'm not interested in that sort of material. I want nice stori…

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Hello beutiful people

Hello, I am Yarnix and I really like to draw. So, this is Weasyl? Nice. I have fled here with my art to avoid the terrors of DeviantART. I understand this site is very heavily based on animals and anthros but I'm going to sit in my little human fan art corner. I am a fan of 'Rick and Morty', 'Homes…