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yamigriffin / 39 / Female / Arizona

Commissions: Filled
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Last Week for Kawaiju Pins!

If you guys havn't had a chance, come check out my current pin kickstarter! Its the second set of Kawaiiju pins, Kaiju of Pacific Rim Uprisng!…

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I'm still here - by I need Advise (Tablets)

​I'm Always here o.o just lurking in the shadows But I'm starting to seriously look at portable digital art options and google isn't being very helpful so I turn to the masses - What I'm looking for: Windows USB Ports Fully portable, stand alone unit IE Can draw on the screen Powerful enough for ph…

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WHELP... heres another place to spam my stuff

When I have some more time I'll go though my back works and post more, but still busy planning the wedding and working my buns off. remember, I do check my galleries pretty regularly even if I don;t post any new art so don't feel weird about poking me EDIT: ok that lil program is awesome.... all po…