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Koru Xypress / Male / Indonesia

2D Animator • Illustrator • Comic Artist
Commissions: Open
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Follow me on Tumblr

I know have a Tumblr: Feel free to follow me there. It will be more light compared to my other sites. Also, you can ask me anything there as well too~ Nifty feature~

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I'm now on Facebook! Now friend me! And let the world domination BEGIN!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *cough-cough*

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Human commission slots are open!

HUMAN COMMISSION SLOTS ARE NOW OPEN!! In light of the event of my 1 year commission anniversary, I have launched 2 new awesome items for commissions namely: • Concept Art • Comic Strip Even though the former items are no longer avaiable, I hope these 2 new items will be an awesome addition for Xypr…

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Human commission slots opening soon!

I'll be opening human commissions soon~ Also, I'm planning on releasing new products on Xypress Illustrations, so hold on to your seats now. :)

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Welcome to Xypress Illustrations

Hello everyone, I'm Koru Xypress. I would just like to welcome everyone to Insignia's new branch on I would like to hi to our new watchers from Weasyl, but I also want to give a warm welcome to our old friends and fans from FurAffinity. I'm so sorry for the artdump, I hope you can forgi…

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:: Terms of Services ::

XYPRESS ILLUSTRATIONS - COMMISSION INFORMATION & TERMS OF SERVICE * All prices are in USD. ** Anything larger than a Bust is considered a Fullbody. SKETCH - A rough sketch of your character in front of a plain background. • Bust - 10 Color (+10) • Fullbody - 15 Color (+20) . DOODLE - A simple piece…

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:: Insignians have arrived at Weasyl ::

Zee: So... this is Weasyl, eh? º 3º *whistles* Koru: Yep. Here we are! :] Zee: Looks so bland and... meh. >3> Xeon: That's because we haven't posted anything here yet :) Professor: Xeon's right. I'm sure it will look nice and cozy once we've put everything in place. ^_^ Dual: Nn. **holding a bunch…